Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Robots" - Episode 2 - Television

And now for something completely unrelated to Project Runway...  The Robots webseries continues!  I am so glad you guys love these little guys, because they delight me.

It's episode 2... Find out how television plays a part in their lives.  (A topic near and dear to my heart!)

Stay tuned for Episode 3, coming soon!


  1. Oh my goodness I laughed so much! My mom watches that show all the time. I loved the Glee reference too.

  2. Tahmalee train here I come.

    Oh Emm Gee I laughed quite a bit at this one.

    I can't hold it in any more. I love you. I do. I love you like Jessica Rabbit loves Roger. (and if they were just boyfriend/girlfriend, how come she already had his last name?).

    I love you like Cybil Shepherd loves Bruce Willis, even with his receding hairline.

    I love you like whoa.

    Why? Because you make me laugh.

    Jennifer Eolin, will you be my biddy?

  3. I think you migth want to recast. These guys are kinda moniotone in their delivery. Their body English is just bleh, and their lack of dynamic inflection when speaking their lines really dulls what is otherwise brilliant dialogue.

  4. I can't tell you how many acting coaches I've been through with these guys... ;)

  5. These are wonderful. Please keep them coming!

  6. That was fantastic!! The Glee bit almost made me spit my tea all over my lap top. I paused and put the mug down, swallowed and pressed play again. Good thing because I thought the "Tamale train here I come" was hysterical. I would have done a Mary Scream in honor of it, but my 2 year old is napping, and I don't want him to wake up! Mommy would like to finish a cup of tea first, thankyousomuch.

    And look - only 2 1/2 minutes and still WAY more entertaining than any hour of PR this season. If only we could get Anthony to meet the robots....

  7. OH a tea-spit-take! I'm flattered! :)

    Anthony DOES need to meet the robots. If only here were animated in flash technology...

    Glad you liked it! Happy fists!

  8. Hee hee. :o) Good episode! These just crack me up. I LOVE THE ROBOTS!
    Good Glee reference! I make fun of that show all the time, yet still continue to watch it. I can't explain it. It's like a car wreck.

  9. Glee IS a trainwreck, isn't it??? To me its karaoke on crack.

    Glad you like The Robots!! Thank you! :D



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