My Stores!

As well as being a (former) improviser/actor and writer/producer I am also an artist.  (I know, I'm a walking cliche, shut up.)

So please help a struggling biddy make and visit my stores that feature designs made by me!

ETSY IS FINALLY UP!  Click HERE to view!

(Shopping tip: Cafe Press and Zazzle offer different products so please check both out.  It would help me out bunches if Zazzle and CafePress would date, then get married, then make sweet sweet love and produce a site with all the benefits of both its parents.  Until then, sigh... visit both.)


Items for sale:  note cards, postcards, tote bags, holiday items!


Items for sale:  note cards w/ matching postage!  NEW - necklaces!

make custom gifts at Zazzle


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