Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rent The Runway!

Last night I had the pleasure of going to Rent The Runway's party for Our Runway (a new section on their website that shows real people in their clothes vs. just models). I APPLAUD THIS. So my sister (who uses RTR a lot for events) and I ordered dresses (free of charge for the event), tarted up and sallied forth into the night. (It should be noted, I've not sallied forth in quite some time.)

This is the dress I ordered and wore, Missoni's "Lost At Sea" dress that rents for $175.

I eat air, but only organic air.
It should be noted, I did not look like this lady in that dress. Not even close. I feel that to wear this dress successfully, you must be a size 0/2 and be in AMAZING shape.  I'm a size 6, in okay shape and should have picked something else. Something without horizontal lines across the widest part of my hips (that aren't that wide but looked it straight on) and something that has some sort of bra/boob support. (Holy Fashion Tape, Tim Gunn!)

Here's what I looked like: 

I know, it's not bad! But one of the reasons I don't like this dress on me at all is because ZOMG I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE. You see, there isn't a built in bra or any support there. NONE.  ZERO. So my boobs are all "wheeeeeeeeeeee!" and are heading off in their own directions. And not in that sexy "I'm running on the beach" sort of way.  More like in that, "Oh no the crazy lady down the street isn't wearing a bra again today, MY EYES ARE BURNING!" sort of way.  Thankfully, as I mentioned earlier, I had a pound of fashion tape with me. I was wrangled in within an inch of my life. But you can see how uncomfortable I am by the plastic smile on my face.

HOWEVER, that said, I would use Rent the Runway again in a HEARTBEAT. They have a million great dresses and their service is impeccable and easy. First, you pick the dress you want and you can get it in 2 sizes. Brilliant! Then you can even rent jewelry to go with it (although my necklace is from a very nice gentleman on the street last summer). And now that I think about it, I could have bought some of those free standing silicone boob cover thingy-ma-bobs. Yeah, that would have worked.  Bygones...  Anyhoo, when you're done, you put the dresses in a pre-paid envelope and ship it back. SO EASY IT'S STUPID.

So that was my quick detour into fashion. Today I'm back in jeans, boots, a tshirt and a knit military hat. Yeah...... maybe I should stick to pants......

"The Tutorialists" -- See the Worst Nose Job EVER

Yeah................. this: 

And the aftermath...

Monday, October 8, 2012

"The Tutorialists" - Episode 6: How To Steep Tea

Yeah........... sorry feminists.

The aftermath........ aka: Pam's revenge:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching Up With the Tutorialists

Here are this week's episodes of "The Tutorialists"! First up, our tutorial on how to update your Mac OS.  Next, our Behind The Scenes look at Pam and Shanae as they chat about their priorities in life and the production "value" (ahem) of their webseries.  Enjoy!


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