Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project Runway - Season 7 - Episode 8 - "Out of Their Element"

So... I caught most of this week's episode live.  I say "most" because I missed the first 14 minutes or so.  And guess what, because I didn't see the blatant foreshadowing of Act 1, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the episode. (Did you fall over out of shock??) But I quickly realized after reading comments online the next day that the ONLY reason I enjoyed the show is because I didn't watch part of it.  Um... that's not what the producers are aiming for, is it?

For this blog,I'm going to watch up until where I joined, then jump to the runway.  K?

By the way... Still pissed that Emilio is still here... so should have gone home...  GRRR!  And the show opens with him smugly lisping about how someone had to go home and he's glad it wasn't him.  Dude.  I have no idea which judge you have a picture of rutting with a goat, because that's the only reason I can see you still being her.  You must have blackmail on SOMEONE.  You MUST.

Bangs Sr. (Mila) and Bangs Jr. (Maya) sit in the window and talk about the humanity of the group that's left.  Bangs Sr. thinks that Bangs Jr. is an old soul and that the more they share (about their bangs) the more they become friends.  Although that could change on the runway.  Awwww, Bangs Sr., thanks for keepin' it real.

WTH!  Jay is comparing the guys' friendship to a Victoria's Secret Wonderbra with a straight face.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAA!  (Note to self:  Compare my friendship with my girlfriends to Spanx.  "You keep my fat in so nicely.")  Ben then talks about how consistent he's been in being safe.  OH.  See, since I missed this on Thursday night, I didn't know going into the runway that he had the "loser" spot (which is also like only his second sound bite this season).  Sigh. 

Anthony has lost his viscera.  Maybe its in Jay's support bra...  TEE HEE!

Runway w/ Heidi... 9 left, Jay has immunity.  Heidi tells them to bring their best to the runway.  UM... really?  Do we need to tell them that?  Isn't that the point of the show?  It's not the "Half Ass Project Runway" is it?  (Well, to the producers it is...) She also lets us know that there will be no more immunity for winners.  (Scurvy for everybody!)  

Hold the phone.  Did all the designers just go to Parsons only to be sent back to the roof of their apartment building?  What a waste of your talents' time and energy!  And oh good, bad "speculation" sound bites.  (Didn't miss those...)

There they are on the roof.  AGAIN!  (Producers, do you get it for free, perhaps?)  Tim tells them to ignore all the man-made elements around them and just concentrate on "Earth, fire, wind, air" as their elements.  (Producers, why the roof if it didn't match the challenge?  I hear NYC has beautiful Botanical Gardens and there seems to be a giant park called CENTRAL PARK that has water, air, earth and bbqs.  I give up on you people. It's like you're not even trying anymore...)  

We never got around to hiring "water."

And also part of this challenge is the big "Garnier Product Placement" element.  Gross.  There are ways to make this way more organic to the show than calling it out.  ESPECIALLY since it never comes into play with the judging.  NEVER.  (Until celebrity hair stylist, Phillip Carreon, is auf'd on the runway, this part of the challenge is moot!)

Here's how the elements break down:

Jay = Air
Maya = Water
Jonathan = Air
Ben = Water
Mila = Earth
Anthony = Fire
Amy = Fire
Emilio = Earth
Seth Aaron = Air

Seth Aaron has no idea what to do with Air since it's happy.  HA!  

They go back to Parsons (Seriously - this traveling back and forth for no good reason is a waste of time and production money!) and sketch, then get $150 to go to Mood.

Oh look at all the time Ben is getting.  Yeah... had I seen this, I'd so know he was going home.  Jeebus.

Designers, I must tell you, I'm so bored 
I might set something on fire just for funsies.

Off to Mood... shop shop shop... Anthony says he doesn't see "red" when he sees fire, he sees the gray remains.  Um, sure.  Okay.  (PS - awkward yet interesting story about the pastor he knew who burnt down his house on purpose!)

Thank you Mooooooooooooood!

Back at Parsons... everybody talks about their element...  

But nobody talks about The Fifth Element...

Tim then tells them that they have 1-day to do this challenge.  (OF COURSE!  Producers, did you shoot this entire season over the span of a week?  Seriously!!  This is ridiculous!) 

Commercial break... and we're back!  Blah blah blah... Tim enters with Phillip Carreon (carry on!) and this is where I came into the show live on Thursday.

Boy I really get why this show sucks now.  Act 1 is SO BORING.  And so predictable!  Completely predictable.  It puts me (as well as other viewers) off for the rest of the show! BOOO!

So let's skip over this bullshit and get to the runway:

Judges - Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and French designer dude, Roland Mouret.

Michael Kors: "I'm looking for the element of surprise."



Well... I see ruins, but not fire.  Nothing about this says "fire."  It's not smoldering, it's not hot, it's not anything other than a pretty dress with a fierce slit up the side.  Oh well.  It's safe... onwards.


Yep, looks like earth in that it looks like moss.  I guess we know which way true north is when one wears this dress...


The "hat" is a little too Goth Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick for me.  I like the dress, the leggings are interesting and yes, I get "air" looking at this.  I also get the urge to order an unhappy hotdog. 

TOP 2:


OH PHOTOGRAPHER.  This was your best shot?  When she looks like she has broken marionette hands?  Yeah.  Shame.  Shame.

Mila had water and describes how the ruffles are ripples of water and that it's old Hollywood.  Nina Garcia launches into her saying this has already been done by Nina Ricci.  (I scoured her site and yes, Nina likes a good ruffle, but I didn't see anything that would make me scream, "You stole that look."  This is no Kenley-Canary-Bird dress rip-off.)  Nina goes on to say that Mila is ALWAYS referential in her styles. HUH?  It's episode 8 and this is the first I can remember hearing of this.  UM... confused.  And its in the top... so is the inspiration a bad thing?  SO CONFUSED.


Seth Aaron had air as his element and he described his garment as the night air.  Okay.  Yes, I can see that.  I can also see that Seth Aaron is definitely the designer of this outfit.  MAN - this is amazing for just one day's work!  OMG! I could barely get a button sewn in 15 minutes, much less make all THAT.

Love from the judges...  French dude tells him that top designers would be jealous of his look.  


LOVE this look - HATE the shoes.  HATE.  Loathe.  YICK.

Jonathan explains that this is laughter.  He created his own textile and played off his model's skin tone.  IT'S AMAZING.  All the judges agree - and that her hair and make-up are best in show.  HOORAY!  A well deserved win!  

"Pale understands pale!"  Best quote of the night!



OMG.  This is horrible.  Brandise is a pretty model and yet, she looks completely homely here.  (I personally would auf Phillip Carreon for this look!)  To me, this looks like an outfit Spock's mother would wear to a Vulcan mixer.  Ri-ugly-diculous.

Mila waxes about being inspired by minerals and whatnot.  Kors tells her that her design is nothing like her past designs (why is this bad??) and that it's too normal.  (Kors likes Vulcans?)  He then calls her a one-trick pony which makes me say, 'Huh?'  Nobody likes it overall.  French guy tells Mila that she missed the boat because she didn't make a show piece and "that's what the catwalk is all about."  YES.  Nailed it.  Thank you, French dude!  


OH dear.  Amy explains that she wanted the hair to be part of the fire element and the bowl is "contained chaos."  I'll say it again: Oh dear.

Heidi tells her it looks like a cat in a sling.  Kors says she's a barmaid who is serving her hair.  Nina calls it "weird."  (Again, shouldn't Phillip Carreon get auf'd for this mess????)  Heidi asks to get rid of the hair extensions and the outfit really isn't that bad without it.  You can actually see the construction of the top and the "bowl" looks like an avant garde piece.  But I still don't see "fire."

Kors likes it better without the hair but Nina still doesn't like it at all.  (Is it me or is Ms. Garcia just crabby pants through the judging - which I enjoy because she has a personality this week - meow!)  Kors tells Amy that she got caught up in the challenge and lost herself.  Yeah.  Agree.


Ben made a shark inspired suit - The Great White.  There are ugly ass shark teeth on the cuffs.  YEEKS.

The jockstrap pants are terrible as is the rest of the outfit.  Heidi nails it: "If you don't know how to make a suit, don't make a suit."  Amen.  Ben admits he bit of more than he could chew.  


Alison, Ben's model is sent home.  Not a surprise.  The girls will miss her positive energy.  I will miss wondering how she can see straight due to her eyes being a mile apart.


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  1. I seriously do not understand this show anymore...are the designers afraid of COLOR?? They had the elements for crying out loud and they chose the most monotonous, drab colors they could find. Really?? If a lot of them had just chosen a different color to work with, it would’ve drastically improved their designs.

    Maya-good design, but she used an ugly gray material. Of all the hues of the ‘water’ she could have chosen, she chose that?? Boring. But I didn’t think her dress look like anything Nina Ricci had done…I went and looked at her site too and while ruffles were aplenty, the over-all design wasn’t the same, so I really didn’t understand Garcia’s comment…I think maybe she should go back and study other designer’s works if she’s going to go around judging other people’s.

    Mila- boring. Earth-luscious greens, rich, dark browns…even mud red would have been better.

    Emilio-ok dress, UGLY color. That’s the best green he could find? And I still dislike him for lying...

    Anthony…what happened to him? He’s boring now…lacks luster…and he had FIRE. Oranges, reds, yellows…something rich, and elegant looking…and he chose black and gray…*sigh*

    Loved Jay’s dress – except for that hair piece (WTH?)

    Seth Aaron should have WON! I loved that he chose black for air…and not white or some transparent material…that’s so cliché. Unimaginative.

    Jonathan’s dress, while nice, shouldn’t have won, I think…I thought it blended too much in with the models hair and make-up so that the dress really didn’t stand out at all. There was no ‘wow’ factor to it. If you stood her up against a wall with that color, she’d just blend right in…and isn’t the point to make garments that POP out at you?? To make you notice it? Like Seth’s dress? And he described his dress using every other word BUT ‘air.’

    And poor Ben. Again, bad design, bad color, bad taste. If he thought of the great white shark for his inspiration, how is that ‘water’?? Does this make sense to anyone else??

    And then there was Amy…I like her, usually…and I liked that she thought of something different…but omg…the hair…it did improve slightly without the hair, but damn…and again, black for fire…

    I think, as a whole, that the main problem these new designers are having is they’re afraid of using color…we’re seeing a lot of monotonous, boring colors lately and it’s helping to ruin their looks.

    Also, the models are helping to ruin looks too…if these models acted like they actually liked what they were wearing, that would improve the over-all look as well…if they were later asked by a judge how they felt on it (like that one girl was that we later saw in MotR) then they can speak the truth, but until then, they’re being hired to SELL the designer’s products on the runway, and this lot isn’t doing that…they don’t even look remotely invested in what they’re doing…

  2. DONE with the one-day challenge bs. DONE with awkward photos of the runway. It's like they're not even trying. DONE with the yo-yoing between Atlas and Parsons. GO SOMEWHERE INTERESTING!

    I will say that I completely agree with their choices this week. I loved Jonathan's dress and his snarky attitude has been a breath of fresh air all season. I also totally saw Amy's vision for her dress. It just needed more construction and I think it could have been cool (a TWO-DAY challenge would have been soooo helpful).

  3. I really thought the black and grey of Anthony's and fire was really interesting. He didn't play up the hotness factor or smuldering ruins or anythign like that but a bright red dress would have been too obvious. My mom and I cna't remember the names of the designers but we try to call out who is in and out. I had it in the first 20 min of the show, especially after Ben's phone call, but mom looks over at me right before the announce of win or out, and says i think it's going to be "bowl o' hair" or "bad crotch guy" I laughed so hard we had to stop the tivo! ha! thought i'd share!


  4. LOL over the 5th element comment- great! I rooting for Jay, I love that he is always go big or go home (kinda has a Christian feel, although Crhistian was just ridiculously tallented).

  5. I can only agree, one one-day challenge where everybody scrambles for time and we get the "Ooohh will everybody make it to the runway" is enough. This season has been ridiculous and it feels as if we don't get to see some designers true potential. I want to be dazzled by pretty clothes, not hear the same stressed out for time lines every week.

    Has there even been a proper more than one day challenge that did not involve a twist and more work this season?

  6. Love the Tim Gunn caption.

    So with you on the first half of the show. Particularly irritated with the stream of nonsensical presentation of challenges. From last week's Michael Kors introducing the hardwear challenge--epic "huh?"--to this week's "ignore everything around you because it has nothing to do with the challenge at all" to the consistent presence of Heidi giving coy, useless hints pre-challenge. WHY? This template is seriously flawed.

    I really enjoyed hearing from the designers this week about their concepts, and would like to have heard more, especially from Amy (who definitely had some 'splaining to do). Emilio and Ben, I think, made poor choices at the conceptual stage. I had the impression that very little thinking went into Emilio's concept at all...I think his soundbite was something about choosing a nice earthy colour for his model. No danger of overthinking there! Were some elements (like air) just easier to interpret than others?

    Oh, and I giggled when Shark-Ben confessed he'd "bit off more than he could chew". HA!

  7. I liked Anthony's dress but agreed it was safe compared to the others. His inspiration story was that his pastor was the victim of arson. The destructive power of fire stuck with him, so I thought it gave his story relevance and poignancy.

    Ben's outfit was bad. He had both the sharks teeth and buttons on the cuff of the jacket. I don't understand why designers keep deciding to try stuff they've never done before. Be inventive and daring in your design but don't experiment for experiment sake.

    I liked Maya's dress, just wish it was a tad longer. I agree that Nina's comments seemed to come out of no where.

  8. why why why didn't my tivo tape this? bad, tivo! bad!

    but the good news is: it didn't tape models of the runway, either.

  9. Okay, I finally watched this episode.

    Oh, I SO wished I hadn't, that I'd just read your blog and left good enough alone.

    All of your complaints are more than valid, and I'm hating this season so so so so much.

    It would be like you, Jennifer Eolin, being sent to an island where the people only wore hoodies. But only black wool hoodies, with nothing underneath. Soon the mild itching turns into suicidal thoughts. Or should I say homocidal thoughts. Bunim/Murry/Beelzebub need a good flogging or worse. Euthenasia can be the next challenge, since the designers already love their grays and blacks.

    I can say the winning piece was my favorite of the entire season, making me hungry for peaches and cream.

    And I'd been figuring Ben for the final 3 cuz he'd had no soundbites yet. Then boom, there he is with the losing soundbite AND the death-knell phone call home.

    I'm so sad I could cry...I hate it when old lovers turn into boring pieces of creepycrap.

    Thank goodness we still have you. All 9 of us.

  10. Sherry! YES! You are so right! WHERE IS THE COLOR?! Everything was drab and monochromatic. Booo.

    Kristen - I am so over the one-day challenges as well. A friend brought up that maybe it was done so that Heidi wouldn't give birth in the middle of the season, but seriously, I'd love to watch how they covered for her. GRR!

    Marcy - "Bad crotch guy." BUWHAHAHAHHAHAA! So many meanings! ;)

    Erin - HOW do these designers get through a challenge without making these pop culture references themselves?? I'm glad you enjoyed!

    Anonymous - what a great point. I don't think there has been a two day challenge without some sort of hideous twist to it. Or if there has been, it was too boring to commit to memory. :(

    Jessica - I really think I'll forever skip the first act from now on. It was so much better! And I too am sick of the "we are giving you your challenge in a dumb location." BAH!

    Giselle - Well said. If you've never made a suit, DO NOT MAKE A SUIT. There are so many other options for 'water.' And honestly, "suit" isn't a word that comes to mind, unless the word "bathing" or "SCUBA" is in front of it.

    Jana - HAHAHAA! That is good news! ;)

    Mintzworks - There really are only 9 people left watching, right? Remember back in the day, comments were over 100! People couldn't wait! Now, most have left the show or watch in the hopes that it will get better. Maybe the 10 of us can get a group discount on some therapy...

  11. I just think folks were all up in myspace then, and notsomuch finding the blogspot.

    which is a crime.

  12. i've watched the episode and now i get why my dvr didn't record it. it mistook it for a garnier commercial instead of an actual episode!

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