Sunday, February 14, 2010

PROJECT RUNWAY SPOILERS! Read at your own risk...

So.  The remaining designers from Thursday night's show ALL showed collections at Bryant Park for Fashion Week this past Friday.  LAAAAAAAAAAAME!  But one designer is missing from the bunch... my beloved Maya!  Sigh...  So obviously she gets kicked out before Bryant Park and didn't want to waste her time putting together a show that "doesn't count."  I know that if I were in that position it would be hard because I need to work for a living.  You can't pay you rent with smiles.  I've tried. 

SO CLICK HERE to go to my friend's at Blogging Project Runway to see all 10 designers final lines.  Remember, we still don't know who the final 4 are... (except guessing from Maya's absence that she's not one of the finalists - BOOOOOOOOO!) so at least we still have that surprise going for us, yes?

I will try to blog today about Thursday's episode today.  I have a sick doggie though.   So I can't make any promises.

Happy Valentine's Day!  EAT CANDY!  Oh and tell someone you love them.  Whatevers.


  1. I'm assuming that this is a safe place to comment on the lines. :)

    Anthony's blew me away. Gorgeous! I think his was my favorite over all.

    Ben's... I just want to know what his train of thought was. And what the hell is the deal with the blue tights?

    Emilio's was nice. Very ready to wear. That last dress was stunning.

    Seth Aaron's interesting. Very Seth Aaron.

    What's with these designers and weird shoulder pads though? And even weirder hips? I don't get it.

  2. Get well soon, Matilda!!!

  3. jmneuman - Of course it's a safe place! :)

    Anthony, Jay, Seth Aaron were the tops for me. There were pieces in everyone's line that I'd wear or want to wear. But Janeane's was the weakest and I felt bad for her. She truly is not ready for this show. :(

    Allison - she's resting comfortably today. She got some meds today that seem to be doing the trick. It's just so tricky with her because she has congestive heart failure on top of it all. Poor little girl...

  4. Already scared:) Good article, thanks.

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