Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jennifer Eolin "Round-Up" - March 2012

I have so many topics that I want to blog about.  SO MANY.  But so little time.  Zero time.  I'm squeezing this blog post in between many, many, many tasks and panic attacks.  I keep thinking, "Okay, this month life will slow down."  I've been thinking this since about 2002.  And so far, it just keeps getting more hectic and crazy.  I long for how slow time went by as a kid.  I remember January lasted forever.  Now it's gone in ten minutes.  My calendar is full of stuff through June.  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?  I gotta start being less talented and popular.  (#FirstWorldProblems)

However, I have been able to find my "happy place" to retreat to every so often on the internet.  This spot lets me slow down and think, and I actually end up feeling refreshed.  What site?  Pinterest! (I know. Me and the whole world have claimed it as our happy place.)  It's a great way to file internet pages and ideas which appeals to my OCD impulses.  Feel free to follow me HERE.  I'm there a lot as it helps me think and it's just sooooooooo addictive.  MUST PIN ALL THE THINGS!

Let's see, what else is going on other than odd internet addictions?  I'm moving to a smaller/cheaper apartment next week so I'm going through ALL MY STUFF to figure out what's coming with me, what's going into storage and what's being donated/thrown away.  Who wants to do this for me?  Hmmm?  Volunteers?  

I'm doing stand-up again and that feels GREAT.  You can see me this Friday at the Metropolitan Room in NYC..  HERE is the invite - if you're in town, please come by!  

My dog, Maggie, continues to make my life wonderful.  I miss Matilda greatly, but Maggie has filled in wonderfully. And thankfully, her health is great, her mind is active and her personality is bat shit crazy goofy bonkers.  Just the way I like my dogs.

I'm sorry I'm not blogging more.  I miss my days writing about Project Runway.  I miss having time to sit and write. And I miss you guys!  



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