Monday, February 28, 2011

Latest Paintings and Things...

I haven't painted as much this week as I'd like, but for good reason - my new pooch, Annie!  (Her proper name is Anya, but her nickname is Annie, or Anna Banana, or Annie Granny or Lady Doodle or whatever.  Shut up.  I'm single.)

Here are some more paintings that will go up in my Etsy store!  (Which, yes, is still under construction.  I still need to photograph the paintings properly and set up graphics and all that.  Yeah.  Should be open by next year.  Blergh...)

First up, an instant favorite, TAR-JAY!

Jennifer misses Target.  Can you tell?
The canvas panel is 11x14 inches.  The background is acrylic paint (portrait pink, white and unbleached white).  The bag was applied and dried for about 10 hours. And voila, art!  (Target IS art.  You don't get to argue with me about that.  IT IS ART.  So shut it.)

Second up:  That is "Shurfine"!

This makes me want hot chocolate.

This canvas panel is 9x12 inches.  The canvas was prepped with white and unbleached white acrylic paint and then the bags were placed on top and they dried (like the one above) for about 10 hours.

I love how this turned out!!  What a peaceful setting.  My mom supplied me with this bag.  It's from a store in her tiny corner of the world, they used this as their holiday bag.  I had to cut out a "Shurfine" logo out of the middle and collage the sky to make it a complete picture.  

Last...  Flowers from the Caribbean! 

SQUEE!  Flowers!  My favorite!

Unlike Chunk from The Goonies, I love nature.  (As long as its just on my canvas....)  

This canvas panel is 9x12 inches.  The canvas was prepped with unbleached white paint.  What I did next was paint an impression of what the color of the flowers/leaves/stem would be (as the flower on the bag is merely a red outline).  This had to be done quite quickly as acrylic paint dries SO FAST.  (I have a "slow drying" medium to add to my paint for the next go-around.)  The bag then stayed on (again) for 10 hours or so.

I love the imperfection and impressionism of this.  Here's a close-up.

Alright, that's it for now.  But expect more soon!  (And yes, the store to open someday before I'm dead...)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Doodle Brigade Expands: Welcome, Anya!

I am very happy to announce the newest member of the Doodle Brigade: ANYA!

"I am NOT an Ewok."
I can hear you asking: "Lady, why did you get a new dog?"  Well, I'll tell you.  Little Matilda is in her last months, and Anya is a great little pooch who needed a home immediately.  Let me explain....

The past few weeks have been very sad and stress filled.  Matilda's health has been in steady decline and this past weekend the vet gave me the news: "She has liver and kidney function failure.  But the remedies for those conditions clash with her congestive heart failure.  We'll do our best with supplements, but she has a few months at the most."  (Insert collective crying here.)

Matilda has thus far outlived every vets' prediction since I got her over 2 years ago.  Originally she wasn't supposed to live for 2 months.  But Matilda seems to have 45945490 lives (but no dollars to pay the vet bills for these lives!) and she is doing her best to be a proper doggie biddy and live forever.  

"I am wearing my best biddy sweater.
Now get off my lawn."

Now back to Anya.  I have known Anya for about 6 months.  She lived with my best friends along with their other dog, until one day the dogs decided that they actually don't get along.  Much sadness and attempts at fixing their dogs' relationship ensued, but nothing worked.  With heavy hearts, my friends approached me and asked if I'd take Anya into my home.  I couldn't accept fast enough.

In the short time that Anya has been here, Matilda has improved!  No, her health problems are not fixed (although I wish) but she is acting more like herself than she has in weeks.  This morning Matilda found the energy to chase Anya around the living room.  Anya was THRILLED.  Then at "food time" both danced at my feet as I filled their bowls.  Co-habitation between pooches is so far so good.  

And best yet, I work at a dog grooming/boarding shop so Anya comes to work with me and spends the day running around while Matilda takes the day to rest.  The only thing Anya isn't 100% thrilled about is that I walk to work, which is roughly 37 blocks away (one way).  Yesterday she tried to hail a cab on our walk.  I'm not kidding.

So please enjoy the pictures of my newest family members and keep little Matilda in your thoughts.  Let's hope that she can live as long as her body will let her, and that Anya and I have an amazing life and adventure together!

"I have made myself at home and redecorated the floor."

"Ummm... where are my toys?  I swear they were JUST here."
"37+37= 74 blocks!  74!  Zzzzzzzzzzz."
"HA!  I get to ride in a stroller. Suck it up, Buttercup."

"Mmm, Lady's lap.  Zzzzzzzzz."

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The latest....

2/17/11 - "Peace"

Mixed media - acrylic on canvas panel 9"x12".
Imprints - Birds from a Book Culture bag and skyline from Gristedes bag.
Text is hand stamped.

More Odd Keywords That Equal The New Old Biddy

It's that time again!  Time to see what crazy keywords are leading the poor people of the planet to my blog:

* how can i make my legs look thicker?
* Georgina Chapman legs
* yay cutie pants
* fat old ziggy productions
* old biddie porn
* mesquite arts center
* Matilda coach purse
* funny eulogy for a prick
* bones "the daredevil in mold" 

And my favorite this time around:

* How to bag a biddy not in your class


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Art is In The Bag!

HAHAHA.  "In The Bag!"  I'm so clever.

If you've been keeping up with me, (and if you haven't been, what the hell is your problem??) you know that I'm waaaaaaay into how print off of plastic bags transfers onto canvas.  Obsessed is actually more accurate, as it's to the point where I'm scouting out the best bags of strangers on the street.  Yes, I'm officially a bag lady of sorts.  Please, don't act so surprised.

So here are a few more of my mixed media creations!  Enjoy!

My favorites!

Book 2: Mixed Media on 9"x12" canvas panel,
acrylic paint, Barnes & Noble plastic bag transfer

Book 1:  Same as above.

Raisin Bread bag mixed media,
8"x10" canvas panel.

Dog Park!  Mixed media, acrylic and plastic bag transfer
on a 9"x12" canvas panel.

Tomato Garden: Mixed media, acrylic paint and
the tomatoes from 3 D'Agostino's plastic bags
on a 9"x12" canvas panel.

Summer Time!  Mixed media, acrylic paint,
Byrne Dairy plastic bag transfer on a 12"x16" canvas panel.
Etsy store is almost ready!  SQUEEEE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Get Your VD on at CafePress! (UPDATED w/ Zazzle Additions)

VD. Tee hee! Every year, I laugh like a ridiculously under-educated child.  VD! 

So if you like my humor, you should like my latest CafePress store designs for Valentine's Day (there, I said it properly).  Of course, knowing me, I have a few sweet designs for the sincerely in love folks out there (gack) and then I have the anti-VD (buwahahhaaa!) designs for the bitter biddies out there, like me.

Below are the designs - each are on a variety of products, but I've just grabbed one to highlight the design and delight your buying sensibilities. (NOTE: I do get a commission off each purchase from my store so you ARE helping support a struggling biddy!)


Vampire or scared adult who has commitment issues?
Your choice!
A nice parting gift...

When you don't know how to say "we're done,"
serve her a nice cup of, "Move on, I did."

Emphasis on "sin."
That about sums it up.
Let's just clear up what tonight means.
(And PS - If only the "made in the USA" stamp was included...)

When sublety is not your thing,
place this under his cold brew around 2:41pm in the afternoon.

I DO heart NY!


Perfect for a little one who still
loves you unconditionally (for now).

And there you have it!  From me to you, enjoy your VD!  (HAHAHHAHAHAA!  It never gets old.)

Also - check out different products (same designs) on Zazzle - necklaces and keychains!

Make personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Experiment To Calm My Nerves

Today was an incredibly stressful day.  My dear little pooch, Matilda, who is 12-years-old and suffering from congestive heart failure, became quite sick.  In short, barf-city.  In between my own panic attacks and holding her ears while she ralphed up her guts, I played with paint.  (I never said I was mature.)

If you refer to the blog entry below, you'll see that I've started playing with how to add texture to paint.  One way is to let a plastic bag dry on the wet paint.  Odd, but quite effective. When I removed the bag, I noticed that some of the paint from the bag had transfered into the painting.  It was a happy surprise as well as a trigger for today's experiment. 

Today I took a regular plastic bag from the grocery store (Westside Market, hollah!) and cut it up into sections.  I then painted a concentration of wet paint in the area I wanted the bag's print to transfer.  This is how the piece started:

And this is the final piece - 10 hours later:

I deconstructed the bag into many different parts and made a collage.  Needless to say, I'm very inspired by this and am now on the hunt for plastic bags with interesting prints/colors!  Thoughts on what stores you know that have great bags?  (PS - I know that asking for plastic bags is practically begging for an email from Green Peace or whatever organization that is eco friendly, but come on, it's in the name of art so it can't be all bad, right??)

Final note: Miss Matilda is better-ish.  After a ($171) vet visit, she has been diagnosed with having a virus.  (Possibly even contracting the stomach bug I had last weekend.)  She's very dehydrated but because of her heart condition they can not give her fluids.  So they gave her anti-nausea meds.  Now we hope and wait.  Tomorrow I can introduce food and water to her again and hope it stays inside her body.  Oy.

So do expect a crap load of art work coming up.  It's all I can do to keep my mind from wandering into that horrible place minds go when your elderly dog is sick.  

Matilda (aka Doodle Bug)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Painting for Etsy Store!

Behold... the first painting for my Etsy Store is finished!  

You want me, I know you want me.

It's acrylic on a 14x18 canvas panel.  There are 3 layers of paint, each drying under a squished up plastic bag that adds amazing texture when peeled off. 

Trust me, there's a lot of awesome under here.
For the store I will have better picture - just wanted to give you a preview of what's to come!  Squee!


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