Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Doodle Brigade Expands: Welcome, Anya!

I am very happy to announce the newest member of the Doodle Brigade: ANYA!

"I am NOT an Ewok."
I can hear you asking: "Lady, why did you get a new dog?"  Well, I'll tell you.  Little Matilda is in her last months, and Anya is a great little pooch who needed a home immediately.  Let me explain....

The past few weeks have been very sad and stress filled.  Matilda's health has been in steady decline and this past weekend the vet gave me the news: "She has liver and kidney function failure.  But the remedies for those conditions clash with her congestive heart failure.  We'll do our best with supplements, but she has a few months at the most."  (Insert collective crying here.)

Matilda has thus far outlived every vets' prediction since I got her over 2 years ago.  Originally she wasn't supposed to live for 2 months.  But Matilda seems to have 45945490 lives (but no dollars to pay the vet bills for these lives!) and she is doing her best to be a proper doggie biddy and live forever.  

"I am wearing my best biddy sweater.
Now get off my lawn."

Now back to Anya.  I have known Anya for about 6 months.  She lived with my best friends along with their other dog, until one day the dogs decided that they actually don't get along.  Much sadness and attempts at fixing their dogs' relationship ensued, but nothing worked.  With heavy hearts, my friends approached me and asked if I'd take Anya into my home.  I couldn't accept fast enough.

In the short time that Anya has been here, Matilda has improved!  No, her health problems are not fixed (although I wish) but she is acting more like herself than she has in weeks.  This morning Matilda found the energy to chase Anya around the living room.  Anya was THRILLED.  Then at "food time" both danced at my feet as I filled their bowls.  Co-habitation between pooches is so far so good.  

And best yet, I work at a dog grooming/boarding shop so Anya comes to work with me and spends the day running around while Matilda takes the day to rest.  The only thing Anya isn't 100% thrilled about is that I walk to work, which is roughly 37 blocks away (one way).  Yesterday she tried to hail a cab on our walk.  I'm not kidding.

So please enjoy the pictures of my newest family members and keep little Matilda in your thoughts.  Let's hope that she can live as long as her body will let her, and that Anya and I have an amazing life and adventure together!

"I have made myself at home and redecorated the floor."

"Ummm... where are my toys?  I swear they were JUST here."
"37+37= 74 blocks!  74!  Zzzzzzzzzzz."
"HA!  I get to ride in a stroller. Suck it up, Buttercup."

"Mmm, Lady's lap.  Zzzzzzzzz."


  1. Awwww so cute! I can't wait for her to meet Bella!

  2. Your maturity is awesome, in knowing you should take on a new love.

    And I KNOW you're the best dog lady in the world, so I KNOW you've already been looking into/purchasing little footies for Anya so her sensitive doggie pads don't get all tenderhurt during her 84 mile daily walk.

    You're a good egg, Eolin. Good indeed.

  3. I KNOW! Me too! And Boozer and I think she and Dixie will want to PLAY. Squee!

  4. Mintzworks! Thanks so much. :)

    Anya just wants me to take a cab. Poor thing. She's still tired today!

  5. What a sweet face Anya has and what a lucky little girl she is to join you and Matilda.




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