Friday, February 4, 2011

Get Your VD on at CafePress! (UPDATED w/ Zazzle Additions)

VD. Tee hee! Every year, I laugh like a ridiculously under-educated child.  VD! 

So if you like my humor, you should like my latest CafePress store designs for Valentine's Day (there, I said it properly).  Of course, knowing me, I have a few sweet designs for the sincerely in love folks out there (gack) and then I have the anti-VD (buwahahhaaa!) designs for the bitter biddies out there, like me.

Below are the designs - each are on a variety of products, but I've just grabbed one to highlight the design and delight your buying sensibilities. (NOTE: I do get a commission off each purchase from my store so you ARE helping support a struggling biddy!)


Vampire or scared adult who has commitment issues?
Your choice!
A nice parting gift...

When you don't know how to say "we're done,"
serve her a nice cup of, "Move on, I did."

Emphasis on "sin."
That about sums it up.
Let's just clear up what tonight means.
(And PS - If only the "made in the USA" stamp was included...)

When sublety is not your thing,
place this under his cold brew around 2:41pm in the afternoon.

I DO heart NY!


Perfect for a little one who still
loves you unconditionally (for now).

And there you have it!  From me to you, enjoy your VD!  (HAHAHHAHAHAA!  It never gets old.)

Also - check out different products (same designs) on Zazzle - necklaces and keychains!

Make personalized gifts at Zazzle.

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