Thursday, June 23, 2011

Latest Post....

I'm really enjoying my walks down memory lane while writing these columns for The Make-Up Blogger.  Please read my latest (painful) journey into my (hilarious yet not debilitating) past.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Cards!

I like cards.  I like receiving them, sending them and putting one up my sleeve. (Buh-dum-dum.)  If you remember, I made homemade hand-stamped Holiday cards this past year and I enjoyed making each one!  So I finally have general note cards for sale on my Etsy site.  Click HERE to see!

Here's a preview of a few of my cards that are for sale!

I'm selling them as 5 cards for $10.  You can also customize your order.  Change the color, take away or add "thank you" and we can discuss bulk discounts.  Whatever you like!  I'm a flexible biddy.  (That's what she said.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Letters From Jennifer...

Dear Summer,

STOP IT.  You're quite early and frankly I am over your rude behavior of party crashing.  Let Spring have it's time here on Earth.  Is that SO hard for you to do?

I hate tank tops,
Jennifer (Eolin)

PS - I also hate sweating.
PPS - Seriously, there's not enough Shower to Shower to make you, Summer, tolerable.
PPPS - My electric bill hates you too.
PPPPS - I am cc'ing Humidity on this letter.


Dear Politicians, Professional Athletes, Actors, et al,

You will get caught.  It's not the 70's anymore.  It's called Social Media for a reason.

Fail Whale,
Jennifer (Eolin)

PS - WHY do boys send pictures of their crotches?  
PPS - WHY do girls send pictures of their boobs?
PPPS - WHY do people still take self portraits in mirrors?
PPPPS - WHY don't these people have actual self-esteem and need validation by others?
PPPPPS - And why do I care so much?
PPPPPPS - And why is it NEWS?
PPPPPPPS - Grumpy fists!


Dear Illy Coffee,

Thank you for making a decaf coffee that doesn't taste like an ogre's dirty footbath water.

Hazelnut surprises,
Jennifer (Eolin)

PS - Could you maybe come down in price a little?
PPS - What do you mean that would compromise your flavor?
PPPS - But I'm on a fixed income!
PPPPS - Well could you go on sale more often?
PPPPPS - Yes, I understand I'm not the boss of you.
PPPPPPS - Well there's no need to call me names.  Especially that one.
PPPPPPPS - I still love you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

And Yet Another Column....

Dearest Readers,

Please pop on over to check out my latest COLUMN on The Makeup Blogger's site.  I'm writing a collection of memoirs from my life (duh?) that have to do with makeup, skin care and beauty in general.  Needless to say, I'm dashingly witty and adorable, so please check it out!

Hugs and mascara flakes,
Jennifer (Eolin)


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