Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Cards!

It's that time again, folks.  Homemade holiday card season!

I have a whole new line of cards listed on my Etsy site!  

Some people watch football on Thanksgiving,
I design cards.  Cuz I'm a dork.

I will hand make your cards only after you order them.  Isn't that exciting!  Did you just eggnog yourself?  I know I did.  (I'm still a bit of a jerk, despite it being the holidays.  This biddy can't change...)

And if you liked last years line, you can still get those (pre-printed) at my CafePress Store.  (The CafePress store also has all my other designs for mugs, t-shirts, etc. that make great gifts!  Who doesn't want a "Meh" Mug in their stocking, hmmmm?)

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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