Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Art is In The Bag!

HAHAHA.  "In The Bag!"  I'm so clever.

If you've been keeping up with me, (and if you haven't been, what the hell is your problem??) you know that I'm waaaaaaay into how print off of plastic bags transfers onto canvas.  Obsessed is actually more accurate, as it's to the point where I'm scouting out the best bags of strangers on the street.  Yes, I'm officially a bag lady of sorts.  Please, don't act so surprised.

So here are a few more of my mixed media creations!  Enjoy!

My favorites!

Book 2: Mixed Media on 9"x12" canvas panel,
acrylic paint, Barnes & Noble plastic bag transfer

Book 1:  Same as above.

Raisin Bread bag mixed media,
8"x10" canvas panel.

Dog Park!  Mixed media, acrylic and plastic bag transfer
on a 9"x12" canvas panel.

Tomato Garden: Mixed media, acrylic paint and
the tomatoes from 3 D'Agostino's plastic bags
on a 9"x12" canvas panel.

Summer Time!  Mixed media, acrylic paint,
Byrne Dairy plastic bag transfer on a 12"x16" canvas panel.
Etsy store is almost ready!  SQUEEEE!



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