Monday, February 28, 2011

Latest Paintings and Things...

I haven't painted as much this week as I'd like, but for good reason - my new pooch, Annie!  (Her proper name is Anya, but her nickname is Annie, or Anna Banana, or Annie Granny or Lady Doodle or whatever.  Shut up.  I'm single.)

Here are some more paintings that will go up in my Etsy store!  (Which, yes, is still under construction.  I still need to photograph the paintings properly and set up graphics and all that.  Yeah.  Should be open by next year.  Blergh...)

First up, an instant favorite, TAR-JAY!

Jennifer misses Target.  Can you tell?
The canvas panel is 11x14 inches.  The background is acrylic paint (portrait pink, white and unbleached white).  The bag was applied and dried for about 10 hours. And voila, art!  (Target IS art.  You don't get to argue with me about that.  IT IS ART.  So shut it.)

Second up:  That is "Shurfine"!

This makes me want hot chocolate.

This canvas panel is 9x12 inches.  The canvas was prepped with white and unbleached white acrylic paint and then the bags were placed on top and they dried (like the one above) for about 10 hours.

I love how this turned out!!  What a peaceful setting.  My mom supplied me with this bag.  It's from a store in her tiny corner of the world, they used this as their holiday bag.  I had to cut out a "Shurfine" logo out of the middle and collage the sky to make it a complete picture.  

Last...  Flowers from the Caribbean! 

SQUEE!  Flowers!  My favorite!

Unlike Chunk from The Goonies, I love nature.  (As long as its just on my canvas....)  

This canvas panel is 9x12 inches.  The canvas was prepped with unbleached white paint.  What I did next was paint an impression of what the color of the flowers/leaves/stem would be (as the flower on the bag is merely a red outline).  This had to be done quite quickly as acrylic paint dries SO FAST.  (I have a "slow drying" medium to add to my paint for the next go-around.)  The bag then stayed on (again) for 10 hours or so.

I love the imperfection and impressionism of this.  Here's a close-up.

Alright, that's it for now.  But expect more soon!  (And yes, the store to open someday before I'm dead...)

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  1. I hear Target doesn't hate gay people anymore :) Lady Gaga yell at them? Her music is probably overrated, but human/civil rights aren't:)



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