Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"The Robots" - A Webseries!

When I made my little Robot video complaining that my Project Runway blog was late (which is now posted and you can read HERE), little did I know what I was tapping into: PURE DELIGHT!  Oh these little dopey robots just grabbed my heart, my creativity and my inner jackass.  So I've created a little webseries with these little dudes.  Please check out my first episode!  And if you don't... well... I call bullshit.


  1. These are hilarious!! SO happy there will be more!

  2. HOORAY and thank you! I'm glad you like them. I am already cooking up ideas for the next episodes. Muwhahahhahaahaaaa!

  3. YES!!! PLEASE do keep making these!!! They are HILARIOUS!!! hee hee

    I'm already in love with and invested in these little robots! (Is there something wrong with me?) So....what are their names???

  4. I'll make their names an episode sometime! We at least know their last name is Rohbit. I mean Robot. Or Rohbit. Hmmm. ;)

    I'm really glad you like them! I LOVE PUTTING THEM TOGETHER! It makes my new old biddy heart go pitter-pat.

  5. LMAO! "For the love of the Energizer rabbit!" That made me laugh a lot ^_^ I love this webseries!

  6. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I figured Robots have their own "gods" and the energizer bunny must be one of them! Glad that caught your funny bone! :D

  7. I forgot about this site! Now I wanna make one again.. Kayne West had one of these up on his blog like a year ago & it was hilarious, but laziness got the better of me and I never made one.

    Can't wait to see more!



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