Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Project Runway...

Dear Project Runway,

It is with regret that I inform you of the following fact:  I'd like a divorce.

I have been loyal to you from the start.  I have happily watched and blogged... until now.  Season 6 was poor, only to be compounded by a lack luster Season 7.  

Seriously.  Your show is terrible.  And here's why:

Gone are the days of the grocery store challenge.  Nowhere to be seen is a challenge where outfits are made out of flowers.  Remember Barbie getting a new outfit?  Matching dog and owner outfits that needed a "story" to go along with it?  Wrestling outfits?  The Hershey's challenge where candy became a lovely bodice?  Or how about the opening challenge in Season 3 where they had to use only the materials found in their apartments?  Or the challenge where they destroyed a car and made clothing and accessories out of that?  REMEMBER PARIS??  In the past two seasons we get stunningly dull challenges like, "Make a blue outfit" or "make a red carpet dress." This is so dull that I would find it more interesting to watch Michael Kors pick out his (same) outfit for the day (year).  

My opinion of why the show has rapidly gone down hill the past 2 seasons is that the new production team that came on after the Bravo/Lifetime debacle can't handle the load of such a "high end" show.  No offense, Bunim Murray, but producing drunk kids on Real World to make out does not qualify you to be anywhere near Project Runway.  (Magical Elves, I miss you!)

Please, Lifetime Television, PLEASE fix this show.  Please change the regime.  Please breathe some life back into this floundering program.  Please give talented designers a reason to audition.  Please let the producers "color outside of the lines" and make each show its own, instead of adhering to a tried and trite template that produces the same exact show each week.  Be an innovator and follow Tim Gunn's advice that he often gives to designers, "Don't be afraid to take a risk!"

Carrying on without you,
Jennifer (Eolin)


I have created a Save Season 8 of Project Runway fan page on Facebook for all PR fans to sound off on about what they think is good and bad about the show.  SOUND OFF and be heard!


  1. PLEASE give couples counseling a chance. Even if the divorce happens at least we can make it amicable. I don't want to lose Tim Gunn in a custody battle.

    And notice I say 'we.' I hope Lifetime realizes that you speak for lots and lots of soon-to-be-ex fans of PR. And millions of current fans of Jennifer Eolin.


  2. if i could cry.... i would.

  3. I have to agree with Jennifer. Last season, the show was unwatchable, a good sleep aid. This season it's just flat, a deflated balloon that can't get off the ground. SHAKE THINGS UP in a creative way or you're going to lose your creative fan base.

  4. Mintzworks - I've tried the counseling, PR just keeps acting out. Typical. ;)

    Anonymous - I think plenty of people have already cried for you.

    Anonymous - YES YES YES YES YES! Revolution!

  5. My gosh you people are so hard to please. I personally really like this season. Sure it isn't seasons 1-4 but I think it is way better than seasons 5 & 6. The challenges are more interesting and so is the cast. And speaking of quality: sorry, Jennifer, but Tom & Lorenzo's Project Rungay site is loads better than yours. Just saying...

  6. We are a fussy bunch.

    I'm glad you spoke your opinion - that's what this is for! Interesting that you didn't mention Season 5, as that was still Magical Elves, but even I have to say, that season was a bit dull.

    And I never ever in a million years said I was better than Project Rungay. Please. And if you're going to throw a personal barb at me, please be man/woman enough to use your name instead of hiding behind "anonymous." Just saying...

  7. Dear Jennifer Eolin,

    I haven't watched the show since the network switch (Lifetime creeps me out) but your commentary sustains my need for Project Runway. You could b.s. what happened in an episode and I'd believe you with eager eyes. so, Please don't give up!

    If you do I'll have to WATCH the show, and I'd rather not experience the boring alone. Its more exiting to see it vicariously through you.



    (p.s. my comment word verification is "Preisha." Not really sure what to make of it.)

  8. Dear Anna,

    You are a sweetheart. And you get an hour of your life back every week for not watching. ;)


    PS - "Preisha." Obviously, it's the time before one "isha's" - right???

  9. I was excited to see that next week's challenge involves getting materials from a hardware store...and I actually liked the challenge this week of making an outfit for a child, since it totally threw some of them.
    And how hilarious is the anonymous person telling you that Project Rungay is so much better than your blog -- don't read it if you don't like it!:)

  10. While i agree with you that season 6 was dullsville but season 7 is really turning out to be great IMO. The contestants are fun and talented, the challenges (while arent as creative as earlier seasons) are still creative and better than S6.

    Your blogs are GREAT! Your ribs at the designers and their work are hilarious without being overly cruel.

    Please dont leave =(

  11. jayfersgirl - I can not WAIT to see the hardware store challenge! I may actually make sure I'm around a TV on Thursday to see it "live" instead of waiting to watch on the weekend online. And SERIOUSLY you are so right - If you don't like my blog, don't read it! Especially with 394830493483094830958309 blogs out there. Who has time to read them all, especially ones you don't like. Buddy, move on! ;)

    Raisin - I haven't watched this past week's episode yet but have heard that it was way better and next week's sounds very promising!

    I'm going to at least blog about the runway portion of the show... And if there are any great pics and captions that I can think of, they will go up to.


  12. I actually like your blog so much better than Project Rungay and their commenters' annoying habit of sucking up to them and faithfully agreeing with everything they say. Tom and Lorenzo are fine. It's their commenters who sometimes suck.

    "Assignment: Jennifer" was hilarious and you definitely should keep blogging to bring us more of those gems :)

  13. What I really like about the blogosphere is that that you can find so many supplemental blogs to your favorite shows! There's definitely a blog out there for everybody. I love that Tom & Lorenzo make me smarter about fashion. My favorite thing they do is when they show a celeb in an outfit and then show it next to how it looked on the runway. It's like a before/after that I am kind of addicted to. :)

    THANK YOU for your kind words on "Assignment: Jennifer!" I loved making that... Kojii, Katie and Fatma were amazing to meet and work with. I really do hope to do more. Thanks so much! :D



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