Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Runway - Season 7 - Episode 10 - "The Fabric of our Lives"

I actually got to watch Project Runway last night at my sister's apartment (instead of waiting until Saturday to watch online).  So I am A) blogging from my (vague and aging) memory B) blogging furiously fast as I'm about to become an aunt (literally any minute now) and C) OMG I AM ABOUT TO BE AN AUNT.  Tim who??  (I kid!  Nothing can come between me and my Tim... Tim... give me a minute... Rifle?  Revolver?  Musket??)

Tim:  "Really?  You can't remember my name? 
I assert that I don't buy it."

The challenge this week was to design their own textile and I I LOVED that the designers got to make their own pattern for their fabric.  LOVED!  I want to use a paintbrush on a screen!  I want to create fabric patterns for hoodies!  Is there an app for that??

Vivienne Tam: "Hi.  Insert blatant HP commercial here.
Yeah, I'm not happy about it either."

Tim Pistola: "I've always wanted an awkward prom picture."

I must say that when Seth Aaron got the "phone call home" segment I almost threw up my dinner.  I proclaimed to the room (which included my very pregnant sister, her husband and 2 snoozing dogs), "IF SETH AARON GOES HOME I AM DONE WITH PROJECT RUNWAY FOREVER!"  To which they proclaimed, "Yes yes, now shut up."  (The dogs just continued to snore...)

So let's just get to the runway as my brain is making little sense of much else right now because I AM ABOUT TO BECOME AN AUNT!

"Giving birth... big whoop.  I do it in heels."


Me no like.  The green textile is only moderately appealing and the whole thing put together like this makes her look like she's Queen of the Attractive Lizard People.  But overall, Jay does good work, this look is well made and thought through (he was going for a militia vibe).  So safe it is.  

TOP 2:


I don't get it.  This looks like what Pebbles from The Flintstones would wear if she decided to become a cavewoman of ill repute.  The judges LOVED this pattern.  I think it's okay?  Yeah?  Maybe?  I dunno.  The whole look together doesn't send me.  


SQUEEE!  He didn't go home!  Well done, Producers!  A proper fake-out!

LOVE these pants.  And holy crap can this man make a good jacket.  However, I do home he changes it up as our fan fave who goes home this week goes home for presenting the "same thing week after week."  So even though it's awesome, I worry...

WINNER - Emilio:

Hmmmm.  I would pick SA's outfit over this.   But Kors went batty for the logo which is ESOSA (which the "O" is a heart in the textile) which stands for his name: Emilio Sosa.   OH - flashback - favorite part of the show is when Tim Howitzer said: "Emilio Sosa loves Seth Aaron?"  HAHAHA!  Emilio assured him that the textile wasn't proclaiming love to anybody except himself.  Tim then said he had to adjust his thinking.  HA!

The jacket on the model looks pretty big.  I will thoughtfully say that I am not a fan of the shoes with this look either.  AND, while I love the blue, I hate the print.  I don't want writing (scrawling?) all over my dress.  I want people to look at me in the dress and appreciate it, not try to read it and then wonder if it comes with Cliff Notes to expain what the hell I'm wearing.

And PS - I'm still pissed that Emilio wasn't auf'd from the Hardware Challenge.  That's still straight up bullshit and this biddy is holding a grudge.  PHOOEY!

And PS - Tim BoomBoomMaker hates it too!  Read his blog!



Speaking of grudges... I'm holding a new one now since this piece of kakadoodoo wasn't sent home!  THIS IS THE UGLIEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN AGES.  The coat = hideous.  The dress is a teepee that even Rainbow Brite would find garish and to top it off BRANDISE CAN'T WALK IN IT AT ALL.  (And then in Models of the Runway Kors tells her she made the dress worse with her walk??? WTF?!  At least she didn't fall or roll down the runway!)  Brandise had to hitch up a side of the dress just to be able to move her feet.  Which tells you that this look is an all around FAILURE.  Bad design, BAD textile (which was the challenge) and bad bad bad execution.  And just fugly.  GRRR!  THIS look should be going home.  BOOO!


I love this look!  But the judges think her dress looks like a dirty table cloth.  I think it looks adorable!  And they hate the backwards jacket - I love it!  I agree that this isn't a winning look, but honestly, I think his model looks amazing with her skin tone and blond hair with this fabric.  The judges also said that Jonathan makes his model week after week look wide and short.  I do agree that he has made her look stumpy (which she isn't!!) so that's valid (and I don't think the shoe choice here works or does anything for the line of her leg).  

But Jonathan stood up for his textile and we saw on MOTR that Cerri stands up for Jonathan's look as well. I really like her... so you know what that means...  Sigh...

AUF'D... Fan favorite, Brown Sugar!

Yes.  This is not great.  Yes.  I've seen better.  But MILA SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME.  Her's was worse!  At least Anthony's concept is wearable.  And his textile design was better than hers.  GRRR!  BIDDY SMASH!

I'm sad to see Anthony go and that Mila and Emilio have been able to skate by even though they have presented STRAIGHT UP DISASTERS to the judges.  It's not fair.  If I didn't have a nephew on the way, I'd be completely wrecked.  (OOO - I hope my sister names her baby Tim Saturday Night Special.  Yes?)


The models fill 20 minutes of time with taking pictures of themselves.  Seriously, what did that accomplish?

Seth Aaron's model is offered a DKNY shoot that pays a good bit of money, but it would be during the next runway show for Project Runway.  She makes the choice to pass up the gig and stay because she believes in Seth Aaron.  Awwwww!

Cerri is sent home after Jonathan proclaims that he has to change models since the judges don't think he dress her body type properly.  Sigh.  Phooey.  I liked her!  BOOO!  Phooey.

Next week - I'll be an aunt!  Oh and PR and MOTR will be on.  I think.  Meh.


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  1. Maya was robbed, I tell you, ROBBED!!! Mila should have been auf'd! M. Kors was a little bitch to Jonathan! Decorum, Michael! Seth Aaron is a rockstar! I <3 Maya forever!

  2. I liked Maya's was the hair and the shoes that threw it off was just too much...

    I liked Jay's jacket. And the green he chose.

    Seth Aaron has talent! I really hope he wins...

    Anthony's dress...*sigh* I liked the purple, but yes, we've seen this dress before...I don't know what he was thinking...but still, it was well made! He should still be around...

    Johnathan....what a mess. Ugly and bland dress. He's ALWAYS boring! The challenge was prints and THAT'S what he chose?? He makes the model looks horrible, she even stands up for him, and he doesn't choose her?? Talk about loyalty.

    These models should know by now that the designers don't care about them. That model who got that assignment elsewhere should have taken it. (Which I have a question-do the models get paid to be on Project Runway, at all?? Cause if not, she should have taken it.))

    Mila's and unwearable to boot...but I've liked her stuff in the past (I think) so I'm glad she's still around...

    Emilio...I liked the blue he chose. But the print and design sucked so hard. I don't consider writing your name all over a dress to be a 'print'-it's lazy and unimaginative...BORING.

    And WHY were they picking on Anthony?? At least he told the truth when the jacket thing died and they blasted him for "always having an excuse" yet, Emilio straight up lied, but that's ok. *GRRRRR*

    This show is getting straight up retarded...Again, I skipped the first 40 minutes and didn't feel like I had missed anything. Pretty soon, I'll just stop watching it all together...

  3. I didn't watch, just read your blog. And I'm glad I did because I would have Hulk-Smashed the TV to see our Brown Sugar go home!!!!

    Especially with Mila's Mistake moving on!

    I can only give 'happy fists' to your new little, I mean, your sister's. Of course I mean HER little baby. No matter how much it's actually YOURS (grabby little fists!!).

    Loved the caption "I give birth in heels." Also loved how you 'thoughtfully' didn't like the BlueCrap Wall choice in shoes.

    And I totes agree with you on the dirty tablecloth dress...I think it's young and flirty and definitely fits her skin...and it's truly wearable.

    ICKPOOH on this season!!

  4. I loved when TSNS echoed my thoughts on eSOSA. (I was wondering why he was tagging his fabric w/ SA).

    I liked johnny's fabric (subtle can be beautiful), the dress less so. He put her boobs too low.

    Brandise was hobbled. I know she's worked in Japan, but that doesn't mean she has the Geisha walk down pat. Lame dress.

    SA all the way.

  5. When they showed the first shot of the esosa fabric, all I could see were SA's all over it - I had to rewind the dvr twice to determine that it wasn't Seth Aaron's fabric! I loved how SA looked bemused that Tim thought it said Seth Aaron on it!

    Mila TOTALLY should have gone home. Not sure how Brandeis was supposed to walk in that dress - a good designer wouldn't saddle their model with a dress they couldn't walk in - and she knew she could walk in it while she was trying it on in the she shouldn't have been so horrified about how she was walking on the runway. I'm glad someone else picked Brandeis so we didn't have to watch Mila screw her over and not choose her!

    And yes - couldn't believe how Jonathan threw his model under the bus when she was so loyal to him.

    Hopefully SA really does like his model - there was no way he could NOT choose her after that speech on the runway! I was sitting there thinking it would make for great TV if he blatantly didn't choose her after that! But he seems too nice to do that!

  6. I am so glad to you were mad with this episode,too- I was bickering about forever after watching it!

    I actually hated Emilio's outfit and was shocked that it ended up the winner of the challenge! I didn't like it b/c for some reason it looked very cheap to me. I also thought it was kind of childish and uncreative- "I am just gonna write down my name a bunch of times".... I don't know I just didn't get it.

    I really think there was no reason for the judges to tear appart Jonathan's outfit that much- they should have done that to Mila because her outfit really did suck!
    I actually started laughing when the model tried to walk down the runway it looked so ridiculous!

    Oh and I also want Seth Aaron to win, that guy is amazing!

  7. I was SHOCKED Jonathan threw Cerri under the bus like that. Especially since they won the "elements" challenge together. What happened to "pale understands pale"??

    Such an odd episode... and Emilio is not winning any points with me. And has anybody else noticed that Mila and Brandise are still attached at the hip even though PR is over for them? Hmmmm............

    And PS- I'm an auntie! Nathaniel was born after only 2 hours of labor in the hospital. (WOW.) He and his parents (my little sister!) are doing great. Squeee! Now... to buy him a proper hoodie... ;)

  8. Esosa's pattern looked like Kmart cloth.

  9. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! :o) How exciting!

    I was sad to see Brown Sugar go. :o( My FAVORITE part of this episode was his glorious sound bite about Beyonce making you feel like you could conquer the world but how she doesn't have any songs about feeling like a loser- I can't remember how the quote went but I cracked up! LOVED IT. Brown Sugar will be missed!

    Emilio's been working my every nerve since the stripper-bikini-washer disaster, too! Every time he talks I have the urge to throw something at my TV screen. Or knock his dumb hat off his head. (Is that mean?)

    I want Maya to win a challenge already! The girl is REALLY GOOD. And consistent. My hope is that even though she's been overlooked every week, that she'll just fly in under the radar and be in the final 3. I want Maya, Seth Aaron, and Jay!

  10. I hate the sneak peeks they give for next week's episode. They usually tell you nothing. This week I think I've got it figured out. The very demanding and opinionated celebrity client must be you! I pick SA to win since he'll make a rockin' hoodie that you'll live in.

  11. Tara Marie - I WANT TO KNOCK HIS HAT OFF TOO! Not mean. Just expressive. Yeah. That's it. ;)

    Anonymous - I AM the celeb - good job! HAHAHAHHAAA! But I do want SA to make me a hoodie. Sigh. A biddy can dream...

  12. Anthony is awesome, but he needs to see a little bit more of the world or just the U.S.A. besides Georgia. I hope he makes it big someday, I love him.

    I hope SA wins, even if ES doesn't heart SA, lol

  13. One of the worst series ever, like so many reality shows right now, so many TV shows that are only to fill spots.



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