Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I had a lot of things to say....

...but then my mind went blank. All the thoughts I had during the day about "wow, that would be really great to write about," are dead. How did they die?

Oh right. "The Voice." (Spoiler: Not the TV show. Although that can be annoying too.)

"Except for me, right, Jennifer? I mean look at me. My tatoo. My vest. Look into my swarthy eyes. Don't resist. And don't forget to watch The Voice,  sometime during the week on television only on Fox. I think."
I had this idea the other day to write about the umbrella that I've had for just about 10 years finally dying. But then a voice in my head said, "Nah, dumb."

I had another idea about reviewing all the new restaurants I've been to in the past few months. "Meh, who cares?"

I had another idea about using photos I find on the web to illustrate what a migraine feels like, "Yeah, yeah, you're a victim. Pffffft."

I had another idea....... no wait.... I stopped having ideas.

So here's my blog. About how I'm stumped about what to write about because I'm getting in my own damn way. So I'm just writing this. So I can say I wrote. I'm not going to copy-edit this or think too hard about it. This just is what it is. A big pile of words. Some of them make sense. Most don't.

And now a photo of a pig in leaves for no good reason other than when I Google "pig in leaves" this is the first photo that shows up. Enjoy.

"Oink oink, my good man!"
(photo credit: www.kimballstock.com)


  1. I need to know about that umbrella...

  2. Omg what a cute little piggy!!!!

    Oh--and I've blogged about not knowing what to blog about.... you can only get away with it about once every two years, I've discovered.

    1. HA - so a full week of "oops, blocked!" won't cut it? ;)

  3. You could use the presidential campaign as a springboard for new topics.
    Example: The Irish have better funerals than ancient Egyptians. Discuss.

    Hillary attended Trump's last wedding. Will she attend any of his future weddings?

    Or maybe...
    Trump said that this is not a comicbook version of a presidential campaign. (True; no one is wearing tights and a cape except Chris Christie.) But if this *were* a comicbook presidential campaign, who would win?
    Surprise answer: Aquaman.



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