Monday, December 7, 2009

NYC & "Assignment: Jennifer!" Project Runway "extras"!

I'm in my final days of packing for NYC.  Movers are here at 10am tomorrow.  I faint around 10:01am and am then left for dead at approximately 10:05am.  My roadtrip east starts Wednesday morning as does an inevitable radio silence from the internet as A) I can't blog while driving, B) my phone just makes phone calls and receives texts, C) if my hotel doesn't have free internet, I'm not paying for it cuz I'm a frugal biddy.

I will be "tweeting" from the road though (as my phone is capable of that).  You can follow me here to share in my journey.  (Disclaimer: Follow at your own risk.  I could tweet a lot or not very much.  You could get annoyed or fall madly in love with me.  This is a "you" problem to deal with.)

But before I leave, I wanted to give you the final "DVD Extras" for Assignment: Jennifer!  Find out some fun facts about Kojii and then hear what the models have to say about Project Runway.  

Happy December - next time I blog, I'll be in NYC!  :)

Extra #1:  How Kojii met The New Old Biddy

Extra #2:  Kojii's first "runway" experience...

Extra #3:  Kojii & her castle

Extra #4:  The Skinny

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