Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it that time of year already?

"Another year, shot in the ass."
-- Bob "Mr. Daddy" Eolin

Fact:  I am not going to miss 2009.  

Fact: if I the New Year's Baby could let the door mightily hit 2009s ass on the way out, that would be absolutely fine with me.  

Fact:  I can be petty. 

As I sit in NYC, my new home for the last 12 days, I think about what I'd like to happen in my life in 2010.  Other than the usual items of timeless beauty, unlimited money and a spot as a guest judge Project Runway, here's what I came up with (and they are in no particular order so shut up about my priorities!):

*  That I stop saying "shut up." (Good luck...!)
*  Wear more hoodies because they make me feel like I'm wearing a hug
*  People realize there is no such thing as "too much kindness"  
*  Lots of great family time!
*  Getting tea on tap in my kitchen.  And my bedroom.  And next to my couch.  But not in the bathroom.  Even I have limits.
*  Patience with things I don't understand.  ("Things" range from other people's extreme views to bad fashion choices to figuring out how to shut off a new fangled alarm clock...)
*  More time with the television turned OFF
*  More painting 
*  More writing
*  Becoming more computer/tech savvy
*  Volunteering at a dog rescue 
*  Being a fab aunt to my "soon-to-arrive" nephew!
*  Being a better friend
*  Giving my senior dog, Matilda, another great year
*  Not being so hard on myself (unless I totally deserve it)
*  Start to learn a new language
*  Visit more museums
*  See more shows... all kinds!
*  Laughing!!

Oh sure - throw world peace in there, but I was actually going for things that have a shot at happening. (Maybe I should add: "Be less cynical" to my list?  Nah...)

Happy New Year!


  1. you will be a super awesome aunt, it really is one of the best things in the world. I have two nephews, 10 and 5 and they keep me busy but i'd have it no other way. a friend of mine says no one remembers the car you drove or the amount of money you made but if you made a difference in the life of a child you were successfull! i tell her true but money helps too! ha!

    have a great new years!

  2. wow. That whole list and you didn't ask for a job, a boyfriend, or a dream date with me.

    Your list is QUITE skewed.

    Happy TwentyTen, and pretty please keep blogging. Your blogs feel like happy hoodie hugs to me.

  3. So glad that you're now in NYC. We'll have to do the museums and grab tea every once in a while!



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