Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Old Biddy Blogs About Bacon... For Reals

Hi all!

Big news in my blogging world!

1)  I'm happy to announce that I'm now a contributing writer for a REAL bacon site.  HOORAY!  So please check out my FIRST POST on their blog.

2)  Project Runway starts tonight!  "Make it work" fists!  However, due to employment (they don't let you pay rent with smiles here, I tried), I won't have the time to do as in depth of re-caps as I have done in the past. BUT I will be posting.  I'm not sure what it will consist of yet.  But snark will  be involved.  And jackassery.  Lots of jackassery.

So stay tuned and bookmark the blog!  Lots more to come...

Nitrates and lipids,
Jennifer (Eolin)

1 comment:

  1. I have to say I greatly enjoyed your bacon post. Jim Gaffigan would have been proud. ;)

    I'm a newbie to your blog (s) and am enjoying them greatly!




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