Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craig's List = Freak Magnet

For any of you following me on Facebook, you know that 1) I'm moving to NYC next week, 2) I have a lot of stuff and 3) I'm prone to panic about not being able to sell all my stuff.  In short, I'm a hopping good time these days.  HOPPING.

So I've posted a ton of things on Craig's List in hopes of selling them off and finding my things new homes.  What I did not expect from Craig's List, maybe because I'm a naive biddy as well as a new old one, is the CRAZY emails I would get that have nothing to do with my stuff that's for sale.  

The following is my favorite which arrived this morning.  I have yet to understand it.  But I do giggle at it.

Hi there

I sttarted at your statement on craigslst and so though you'd be interested in this newsletter. That aid me produce dollars on line. You'll never have to deal certain thing on crqgslist,as she and me. Trust me Im an ordinary guy like you and I was usually in denile about these stuiped schemes until I gave it a try. I let you see by yourself.


There are many things about this letter that delight me:

1)  I never made a statement on Craig's List other than, "Please by my stuff so I don't curl up in the fetal position."

2)  I adore the fact that Craig's List is misspelled throughout.

3)  "She and me."  

4)  I am not an ordinary guy!  Assuming such a thing, sir, just makes an ass out of you and me.  (Or she and me... depending.)

5)  "Denile" isn't just a river in Africa apparently.

So now I'm torn between wanting to sell my stuff and wanting to keep it online so I can receive more humorous emails.  Oh the trials and tribulations of a jackassy and panicked biddy...


  1. Jennifer, you should try to sell your things on Facebook Marketplace - and if you get any funny responses, likely they will be from people you know:-)

  2. I am sad about the fact that you are going to NYC and just skipping over Chicago. If you moved here instead, I would come see you at Comedy Sportz like every day!! I thought I was following you on Facebook, but I never saw anything on there about you moving :( Is it for a job?

  3. Kirsten - HA! I would just get a lot of sass. :)

    Mary - Are you on my fan page or personal page. I haven't mentioned moving on my fan page. I'm going to NYC to be closer to my family and for better job opportunities and for ADVENTURE!!! :)

  4. Yes, Craigslist is FULL of crazy.

    Once we wanted to get rid of an old couch (still quite usable and nice looking) because we got a new one. I posted on Craiglist offering it for free (big mistake). I got a big response, but almost all of them were crazy or complete flakes (not returning phone calls, etc.). We finally found a relatively normal couple to take it, but they showed up at our house around 7am (on a weekend) when the agreed time was 10 IIRC -- in any case, they were way early, and we were still sleeping. It all worked out, but it did sour me a bit on Craigslist.

    We sold a car on Craigslist with a little bit more success, but there were still a lot of flakes.

  5. I can't sell a fabulous table/chair set. Not even a phone call. It's so frustrating!

    Thankfully, everyone I've met personally has been fabulous. PHEW. I just need that one more fabulous person in LA to buy my table and chairs!

    I'll be selling my car on the east coast - good times. ;)

  6. Jennifer -

    Well I guess since I don't know you in real life, I am only a fan of yours, not technically a friend.... That makes sense! But if you want to be my friend, look for Mary Hibdon...although I don't want that to sound like a desperate plea for friendship, or sound stalkerish, or for you to think I'm up there with the CL freaks! :)



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