Friday, March 13, 2009

Poll #1 is closed!

Boy howdy do I love the "poll" gadget that I can add to my new blog.  WOO!  I have so many burning questions that will need answering.  (I may need an intervention soon.  Not yet.  But soon.  But not yet.)

So Poll #1 addressed the all important question:  Are hoodies age-inappropriate for people over 35?

3% (or 6 of you) answered, "Heck yes!  Wear grown up clothes already!"  My response:  Hmph.  Where am I supposed to put my tissues if I'm not wearing a hoodie?  Riddle me that, and then get back to me, k?  (And don't tell me my pant's pocket - that leaves an unslightly bulge that irritates me only slightly less than a visible panty line.  I MAY have some OCD issues...)

2% (or 5 of you) answered, "I'm a nudist and therefore cannot answer this poll."  My response:  WHERE do YOU put your tissues?!  (NO!  Don't answer that! LALLALALLAAAA!)  

Ahem... Moving along...

42% (or 73 of you who are SANE) answered, "Nope, it's quite hip.  Even to a wedding."  I couldn't agree more!!  If I ever do get married again (BUWAHAHHAHAHAHHAA! Oh God, I said a funny...) I will get married (HAHHAA! I can't say "married" without laughing!)  in jeans and a hoodie.  Although, I might splurge on a hoodie that's over $25... just like I did when I spent a whole $27.50 on my wedding dress.  (You read that right - this new old biddy likes to bargain shop!)

And 55% (or 95 of you who are also sane but have a touch of 'the sassy' in you) answered, "I agree with whatever Tim Gunn thinks."  I'm pretty sure he hates hoodies I'd bet my life on it.  Along with leggings, which thankfully I don't wear so he can't totally hate my entire wardrobe.  Although he probably would anyway as it's just a big old closet of the same thing in different colors.  He would sigh a lot whilst flicking through the bevy of hoods.  And he would do so in my face while flexing his jowels of disappointment at me.  

In my next poll, hoodies are so far the clear winner.  This gives me hope.  And hopefully, will make Tim Gunn reconsider the importance and beauty of a hoodie.  Wow, did I just really type that?  Okay... I may need that intervention now...


  1. I too have a closet full of same clothes, different colors. I blame Old Navy for making their layering T's and Tanks so cheap and colorful!
    And, as I type this - I am wearing a hoodie. Hoodie Power!

  2. Apparently, I've found a pretty good compromise, so I wanted to bring it to your attention ... I was looking through my closet the other day and I have, um, let's say more than 1 and less than 10, hoodie sweaters. (like this little number, but in light blue- It's not AS comfortable as a regular hoodie because I'm convinced nothing is, but it does have a tissue pocket and it's a little fancier, if you're feeling particularly fancier one day. Keeping the hoodies alive!

  3. Marcy - I blame Old Navy (and Target) too! It's too easy and nicely priced to pass up.

    OH CARLY! That is a nice hoodie!!

    I told my boss yesterday that I found her hoodie to be "lovely and attractive." Do you think I'll get a call into HR this morning? ;)


    Best of both worlds for you.

    And wait, you're NOT married??? Shoot, did I miss my window of opportunity?

    I've been looking FOREVER for an OCD girl with hoodie style, lots of sass, and reluctant boobs. Someone who will care more for her dog than she will me.

    :::sigh::: back on the hunt, I guess....

  5. I will be officially not married by the end of the month. But I am dating a very hot man who makes me giggle. :)

    OMG - TG's face on a hoodie! Bliss!!

  6. I think tonight I committed the ultimate fashion faux pas by Tim Gunn's standards. I wore a hoodie jumper (I think you have seen me in this jumper) with a hoodie jacket over the hoodie jumper (for the hoodie on hoodie effect)over leggings!

    Can I join the New Old Biddy club?

  7. I think you just became President of the club! ;)



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