Monday, March 16, 2009

Matilda On the Green

Just needed to share...
 little Matilda on her very own inside patch of grass.
No more pee pads, cuz she's a fancy dog.

If you live in LA - check it out!


  1. Though terrified as she looks, she totally owns this patch of green. Go girl (quite literally!)

    Love the pic.

  2. Kellie - She's even wearing a Happy St. Pat's day bow! And she honestly often looks terrified. She and I wear the same expressions. :)

    Jen - isn't she?!?

  3. so cute!!!
    makes me miss my dog. (I only go home on weekends so I don't get to see her often. )
    But what I really wanted to say: remember this one,,20266492,00.html ??? They should've put her in jail a long time ago. The way she made me sick after every episode, that was just criminal!!!
    Anyway... love how Matilda owns her patch of grass, she really is a fancy dog!!!

  4. this is too cute! my pug was litter box trained for awhile, but i finally got him completely housetrained and we ditched it.

    i wish i'd known about these!

  5. Matilda made the product's website! SUPER fancy!



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