Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Get Bored...

...so I make things.  Here are someEcards that I made lately - enjoy and feel free to pass them along!

someecards.com - Lady Repellant --->

someecards.com - Let's just pretend that I care about what you're saying.

someecards.com - My college degree got me NOWHERE.

someecards.com - As she was given the last red balloon,

someecards.com - Get your snowtires just in time for Spring!

someecards.com -

someecards.com - How can I not help you today?

someecards.com - Dear God, Please don't let my friends tag me in their pictures from the party last night. Amen.

someecards.com - Congratulations on your newest tax deduction!


  1. Lol I love them!!!!

    BTW check out my blog and follow if you'd like. I tagged you in it yesterday for "One Lovely Blog Award" because your blog rocks. http://borderlinephenomenal.blogspot.com BTW, I miss the "robits"

  2. THANKS!!! :)

    I miss the Robits too but stupid Xtranormal now charges to use their site AND got rid of both of Robot and Robit's voices. BOOOOOOO!

    I'll check out your blog - thanks so much!

  3. These are great! But if you're really bored, I'd rather be watching some new ROBOTS!!! ;)

  4. Brad - read the comment I left above!! NO more Robots. :(

  5. Sorry, somehow I missed that comment when I posted. That really sucks on both accounts, that they charge and got rid of both voices. :| Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.



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