Sunday, March 27, 2011

The "Cute As a Button" Series Continues!

It was my nephew's first birthday this weekend!  TIME FLIES.  I remember when he was just a wrinkle of a baby and now he's got teeth, is walking around and says, "Hi, Mom!"  Craaaazy.

To jog your memories, I made him a series of paintings for Christmas called, "Cute As a Button."  It's just cute animals on 5x7 inch canvases.  And somewhere, a button is involved.  Here's Christmas again...

And here's what I made for him to add to his wall for his birthday:

AND.... my mom's birthday was last week and she wanted some artwork for his bedroom there, so she got these yesterday:

So now Nate is outfitted with the hottest thing going in kid art in both his houses.  Such a spoiled little boy!  Happy birthday, Nate!

1 comment:

  1. I heart the giraffe one that's really cute. I can't beleive he's already 1, i remember you being excited about being an Aunt. Isn't it awesome?!




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