Friday, March 18, 2011

10,000 Baby Steps

Fact:  One thing I like about winter is that I can wear 239584903843094 layers of clothes.  I also like that layers of clothing hide all imperfections.  (Shut up, I like cheese.  A lot of cheese.  All the time.  Full time cheese party here, folks.)

Fact:  I have gained weight in the past year.  This isn't a bad thing really as I was a size 4 and now I'm an 8 so I'm by NO means fat.  BUT, I am out of shape and my metabolism is shot.  

Fact:  I gained a lot of this weight when my dad passed away.  The second he passed our house was inundated with all kinds of food, mainly trays of lasagna and deli platters.  (I now say that when a friend suffers a death in their family, I'll send a condolence card and a can of Slim Fast with a note saying, "You'll thank me later.  I say this part jokingly, but mostly sincerely.)

FACT:  I need to work out again.  I've been lazy.  (I'm really good at lazy because I can multi-task "lazy" with "eating cheese.")

A friend said to me last week, "I'm wearing my pedometer today."  This reminded me that I had one (somewhere) and that I'd read about how we need to walk 10,000 steps a day to stay in shape (which averages about 5 miles).  I found my pedometer and saw the last number registered on it: "2,549."  Ooops.  That's not so hot.  

So last Saturday I put on my pedometer and clocked in roughly 18,000 steps.  WOW.  I walked to and from work, then to a friend's place, then to the Whitney Museum on the east side (gross) and then to the bus that took us home (which was a good thing as my legs almost fell off the next morning).  

Since wearing the pedometer I've clocked in 10,000 (or more) almost every day.  On my day off from work, I clocked in 6,500 (something in that area).  All in all, not bad.  I'm fairly impressed.  

Downside: OH MY GOD MY LEGS AND KNEES HURT.  This may be because I had been wearing my Sketcher Shape-Ups and WOW they worked me out a little too hard.  (One customer at work asked me, "Do those sneakers work your ass out?"  Needless to say, he was met with the famous Eolin, "Jackass Stare.") Anyhoo, as a result of my over-zealousness with the Shape-Ups, I have apply a sexy layer of Icy Hot every night.  (Actually it's a generic brand, because this biddy's on a budget.)   

Today I walked 11,400 steps.  WHEEEE!  Tomorrow is my day off work but I'm hoping to at least hit 7000 steps with my errands.

I'll try to give updates on my progress.  I've been walking to and from work for about 2 months now and my jeans are fitting better for sure.  I'm not weighing myself as I'm more concerned with being in shape than being an exact number.  

So if you live in NYC and you see me powering down the street (sometimes with my dog, Annie, who is NOT excited about my 10,000 steps a day program and would rather take a cab) get out of my way.  I will plow you over and I will mutter under my breath, like the proper biddy that I am.  You've been warned!


  1. Great job!!!!

    Bella and I walked to the pier and back today.. 3 miles! It may have been a bit much for her but I know she needs it. We both do. Hopefully we can join you and Annie on a walk really soon!

  2. YES! I should also note that all this walking has also upped my "napping" habit. :)

  3. That is both awesome and inspiring, i think i'll go take a nap.

    PS you failed to give credit where credit was due....Anya took most of those steps too!


  4. Annie took a good portion of those steps but not all of them. She seriously has ZERO interest in this walking stuff. Playing and sleeping, however, she is president of the fan club. ;)

  5. I just started to get back into a work out routine the last couple of weeks and just today I said it's about looking and feeling better, not the number on the scale. Granted, I'm also rocking out the off brand icy hot as well :)

  6. It must be in the air. I started excercising regularly several weeks ago. The weight that is coming off is a bonus but I do find that, even when I don't feel like doing it, I'm aware how much better I'll feel after I do it so I suck it up and do it. It's amazing the difference it makes. I can feel the difference in my entire body and I'm loathe to think what I'd feel like if I slacked off a day. I'm also sleeping much better. Though, not in nap form. ;)

  7. On behalf of all dogs everywhere (I've been called worse), please remember to put some doggie-walkin' socks on those sensitive dog pads. Dogs weren't designed to walk NYC sidewalks (I know Eolin takes only grassy knoll-type walks, willing to go several miles out of her way just to find soft grass).

    Second, I'm hearing from more places (online and from the Physical Therapist I work with) that those Sketchers are sketchy when it comes to the plantar fasciitis (yep, spelled just like that).

    And C: I like the thought of Eolin Size 8.0
    Since this is an old biddy page, I'll just cheesily say 'more biddy to love.' But for those who are more like me and need translation: "BIGGER BOOOOOOBS"

  8. Bec - I'd be dead without the Generic Icy Hot. DEAD. (And by "dead" I simply mean "I'd be a couch potato.")

    Angelica - YAY! I have always loved walking so it's a natural workout in NYC. And having a job to walk to (that I can bring Annie to) also helps as motivation.

    Mintzworks - You speak the truth. When I visited LA after being gone for a year everybody said, "You look the best you've ever looked and WHERE did you get those boobs?" Sigh... ;)



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