Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 1

I'm not watching Project Runway, 
but I'mma blog about it.

Guidelines for reading this blog:

* Understand that I CAN NOT SEW. My version of sewing is ironing clothes. Absorb that.

* I have no time to watch the episodes, but I have time to be snarky about the final products that wander down the runway. Which leads us to the next rule...

* I am a comedian. Take nothing I say to heart/seriously. Just laugh, life is happier than way.

* My goal with this blog is to see how being blind to the challenges, judges, contestants, etc., affects my judgments. I'm interested to see if I like things that fans universally hate because they know the back-story and vice versa.

* Anything I DO find out about the show will be through my natural course of life on the interwebs via Twitter and Facebook. But I will not seek anything out or click on any articles. I will merely see headlines and comments. That's all.

* If any of these guildelines give you hives, move along unless you have an EpiPen handy.

* (PS - excuse the formatting of the pictures as Blogger is still a hot mess. Or maybe I am. I'm willing to believe it might be a little of both. But mostly Blogger.)


Woo hoo! My first Project Runway blog since... well a long time. (Let's not dwell on that. Bygones.) I am going to judge the outfits based on my thoughts and into the usual categories: Safe, Top 2 + Winner and Bottom 2 + Auf'd Outfit. Enough chit-chat! Let's begin!


To me this dress looks like two things got together and had a baby:


So why is it not in the bottom 2 or auf'd if I hate this "Mullet Dress" trend? I consider this look "safe" because it's not totally offensive (and there was so much BAD in this first round). There seem to be no glaring sewing or construction issues... other than the mullet around her lady bits.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............

Wait, what's going on with the fabric on the shoulder blades? Oh never mind, I lost interest because zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

....I'm awake! What's next?

Oh yay. Another potato sack. Sigh......... NEXT!

I am irrationally mad at that pocket. I LOVE the dress. Really, I do. The dress on its own is GORGEOUS. And if it were JUST the dress, it'd be a top 2 look. But what the hell is up with the "Crossing Guard Needs A Pocket Sash"? WHAT IS THAT? It looks tied on and as though it belongs on a Brownie outfit. PLUS, the pocket is at a horrible angle as NOBODY puts their hand in a pocket that freaking high. And the tab in the back isn't flush with the garment. So sad. It really feels like the designer panicked that their dress wasn't fancy enough and then rushed an accessory which tanks the whole look. I almost put this in the bottom, but so many other outfits made me angry...

Does it get better?

Nope. Sure doesn't.

Love the fabric, hate the fit. WHAT is happening in the back? It looks like it's about to fall right off her (barely there) shoulders. Sigh.........

Last in my "Safe" pile:

The shoes ruin it for me. I like the color, but the tassels are........ odd.

This dress is just "Meh." Sewed well, love the color and fabric, but the mesh stuff just looks like she's afraid of getting mosquito bites in one certain area.

Okay, enough of this! Let's get to the good stuff............

TOP 2:

It's basic, but I like it. Except for the crotch. (Like Kors, it's always the crotch with me. Ahem.) It looks like there's a little excitement in the front and she's happy to see us in the same way that rowing team was happy to see us in the Olympics. (Not that I looked at that picture for very long............ at.................................. all......................mmmmmmmmm.)

                                                        "Where did we leave our oars?" 

Oops, hi, I'm back. And I showered, so it's all good. Where were we....?

Back to the outfit...... I LOVE the colors, the asymmetry of the shirt, the openings in the front of the pants that high light the shoe. It feels stylish and not over done. The panels on the exposed hip are great. The colors are harmonious. The styling is right on. Has this broken the mold on fashion? No. But, HAPPY FISTS HAVE RETURNED! (And so has the rowing team as my background on my computer....)

Next in my top 2:

The model is solid, styling is solid and I like the corset look in the back. The neckline is great and the fit seems really well tailored to the model's body. Again, nothing has been reinvented here, but it's just a good, solid dress that is styled well.



First of all, the model is strong and styled completely on target. This outfit really works on her. On me it would look like I tucked a table cloth in my bloomers. But that's okay! This is for the youngin's and on her it is GORGEOUS. (My guess is Heidi wanted to wear this one.)

Okay, now my bottom choices and the auf'd choice. PS, there are more than just a bottom 2....

BOTTOM MANY (why so much bad?):

This design pisses me off. While the fabric is nice and I like how it looks as she walks (according to the picture of her walking away) I CAN NOT GET PAST THE RACE CAR BELT. It looks to me like the designer said, "Ehermergerd! I made a basic dress! I NEED TO LOOK EDGY! Quick! A race flag as a belt!" It doesn't work together with the jungle motif (which is already busy enough).

In short, boring, no sense of style, bad editing and.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


What the......... f*ck. How did you make your model look like she has the thickest legs in the world on top of looking like the hottest mess in the world? Oh I see, the skirt is too short, the shoes cut the line of her leg and that weird mid-drift looks like the pieces don't fit (and are too small for her frame) and that TOP KNOT ON HER HEAD?!? What's happening here? Did someone have a stroke? Did someone smell toast and not get the help they needed?

Plus, that mesh on top looks like she walked through a screened door and just kept on walking.

                               "And then she went on Project Runway and was never seen again."
                                                       (photo credit Cover My World)

Ugh, next....

Great. One walks through a screen door, this one walks through a clothes line from a Dickens novel. Hey lady, THE ORPHANS WANT THEIR CLOTHES BACK!

                                          "I'd ask for more but bitch, please, that's ugly..." 

Guh. Next...

I can't even............. She looks like a CHILD. This is an outfit for a CHILD. The styling is childish. (I like the shoes, but too little too late.) While this looks really well done from a sewing standpoint, I can NOT get behind how infantile this outfit seems. Is it that stupid top knot on her head? What is it? I just can't look at this and not feel dirty. Let's just move on and pretend this didn't happen.......

Is there more bad? Oh yes......... there is..........

Q: Why does this model look so sad?


This dress looks like it's pulling in the front from some bad sewing and ..... and........... boring.

And last before announcing my Auf'd but not least... okay maybe almost least:

No. Stop it. She's like a weird Black and White Cookie. But the lowfat kind that taste like cardboard.

And now...... finally.....................



First of all, THE CROTCH. So low.What is she carrying in there? (I don't want to know...)

I also hate jumpsuits. You can't pay me enough to wear one. They always look like, to quote Tim Gunn, "a lot of look."

And finally, BLUE ALLIGATOR? What is that fabric? I think it would look elegant as a dress, but this looks like a pair of pants I got for $19 I got at what my sister called, "The Slut Store" in NYC back in the 90s.

                                                         "What did you do to Mom?!?!" 

The pants are too long and just fit poorly. It looks horrible. The only thing I like about the back is that the outfit is getting as far away from me as possible. Auf wierdersehen, baby. You're out.


So there she is. A blog written about a show I haven't watched. I know it's all group challenges this season, but that's it. I have no idea who the designers are that are responsible for the good, the bad or the hideously ugly. So please, comment away! Let me know how I did compared to the judges on the show!
(PS - I'll work on my Blogger/Picture skills. Some of the pics, no matter how hard I tried, would not flush to the left. WHY IS IT SO HARD? WHY AM I A LUDDITE? WHY AM I SINGLE? Ooops, inner monologue coming out again.....)


  1. The judges agreed with your winner! Though the shapeless sack was a top contender for their win... and the screen door accident was auf'ed.

    Just for the record... I've thoroughly enjoyed following your updates and stand-up comedy since you initially gave up on PR. I thought I'd offer some 'you go, girl!' encouragement--and wish you the best of luck with your endeavors!!


    1. A TOP CONTENDER?! *faints*

      Thank you for your support and encouragement - that rocks! You made my day, Michael! :)

    2. Yay! Glad to see you posting the PR Blog again! I think the black and grey "shapeless sack" dress did better with the judges because it did look a bit better in motion (as opposed to how it looks in the photos). Overall though, I think you came pretty close on how the various looks stacked up with the judges' scores.

  2. Lots of second hand Star Trek original flavor outfits.

  3. im basking in the snark! so good to have you back amongst the project runway living!! my favorite is when some practically pubescent chickie comes in there talking shit about how shes gonna win the whole thing & then she "creates" a blue tulle "coat" that looks like it was constructed by ray charles (rip) on crack. & then is the first to get sacked. karma is sometimes humor that writes itself!

  4. I'm seriously still looking at the Olympic team pic...I had forgotten about that one. Is there a way you can work that into all the blogs? Sorry. You are great!!



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