Friday, January 25, 2013

THIS is 40. Seriously. It is...

Sigh.......... for the past few years I've been "30-mumble-something-years-old" but now I'm gonna be just 40. No mumbles. No somethings. Just... 40. I have a few months yet, but it's there. (Just like in "When Harry Met Sally," only closer. And less adorable.)

So welcome to my stand-up set, "THIS is 40." It's not like the movie as in I don't have rich people problems. and couldn't relate to ONE thing in that movie. I have broke people problems, which I think more people can relate too. (Poor people let me hear you hollah for a dollah!)

So without further interruption, I give you my latest opus, "THIS is 40" performed at Gotham Comedy Club on January 23, 2013.

And if you doubt any of it.... here's some physical proof my mom dug up last night. Isn't she great? So glad she keeps everything. BUH.

My mom hoards more than just coupons apparently... DAMMIT.
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Thank you for the support! (That always sounds like I'm talking to my bra.....)

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