Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Robots - Episode 6 - "The Email"

Oh dear my, my little Robots are in a fix.  This episode is based on a true email, read verbatim in the episode.  But to protect the innocent and the ignorant, their names have been changed.  Enjoy - pip pip!


  1. ok i was having the worst day ever but no more! Lady it is criminal that they don't pay you to be this awesome 24/7. We need to start a grass roots campaign, get Adult Swim involved. I'll lead the effort if you give the go ahead.

    My god lady you crack me up everytime! I do have one question did one of the Robits flip us off or was he flipping off Pam the Bimbo, or was he implying Pam the bibo was telling him to "**ck" off?! All three of those work for me actually.

    Well played lady, well played!
    Marcy (who still can't successfully register and log in to leave a comment!)

  2. HA! Thanks, Marcy! I'd love to do the Robots for Adult Swim, or Childish Swim. Whichever. ;)

    I'm so glad you had a smile in your day - that is exactly the reason I keep making The Robots, to make people happy.

  3. i'm on it!

    I will make Adult Swim make this happen! Then can i be your intern?! :-)




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