Friday, July 1, 2011

The Robots - Episode 5: "Change of Life"

Ohhhh how I missed my quirky and weird little robots.  But if you have been following me on Twitter (why wouldn't you?) and memorized all my tweets (why wouldn't you?) then you'll know that for a period of time I boycotted the Xtranormal site as they 1) Got rid of the two voices I used and 2) started charging money.  The creative side of me was pissed, as was my frugal side.  So I pouted.  And tweeted.  Which are actually turning into the same thing in my life lately.  (I kid!  Happy as a lark!  Mostly.)

ANYHOOO.... Fast forward to just NOT BEING ABLE TO STAY AWAY from my robots.  They are different now though and struggling with their new identities, ergo the title of this episode, "Change of Life."

I hope you'll love and embrace my new-ish robots.  I know if they had feelings they would hug and embrace you back.  Enjoy!

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