Sunday, May 8, 2011

New "Cute As A Button" Series - MONSTERS!

"Good art is in the wallet of the beholder."
-- Kathy Lette

Since deciding, "I'm going to paint for a living," I've actually been painting for a living!  (A very modest living, but it's living!)  I have to say, it feels good.  After leaving a career in comedy/performing, it's nice to still be able to do something that is creative that doesn't involve playing at instrument on the subway. (Yesterday's in-car concert, JAZZ FLUTE.  So rude.)

My concentration lately has been on creating art for babies, toddlers and kids.  I believe that art is an ESSENTIAL in a child's life.  It helps spur creativity, happiness and imagination.  So I came up with my "Cute As A Button" line for my nephew, Nate.  These animals hang over his bed and keep him company while he sleeps.  Yesterday, I came into his room to get him after his nap and he was sitting in his crib, looking up at the paintings.  I like to think he was thinking, "Wow, that Auntie Jennifer is quite the talent!  I can feel my brain making new neural pathways and my synapses are firing on all cylinders!"  (He was probably thinking, "I think I pooped."  Bygones.)

So now I have a new line for toddlers: Cute As A Button - MONSTERS!  But they are fun, cute and happy monsters (unlike Frankenstein or the IRS).  I came up with them one day and doodled them in my "doodle book."  (Look, some people have little black books, I have a doodle book.  Shut up, I know I'm single.)

Monster inception.  Rated PG.
Next, I got out 2 5x7 inch stretched canvases and starting outlining.

At this stage my friends thought I was making a rabbit
and a Pac Man ghost.  NOTE TO SELF: Don't let friends
see your art until it's done.
And then finally, the finished product! 

Introducing Abernathy & Bartholomew the Monsters!

Each "Monster" will teach a toddler a lesson through a poem.  (I'm writing them now and they will be revealed on my Etsy site when they are finished.)  Abernathy loves to smile and brush is teeth, while Bartholomew likes to keep his shoes tied and put them under his bed at night. 

So what is the point of all this?  I'll tell you:

* Inspiring kids to draw, paint, whatever!  CREATE!
* Getting kids interested in the arts, museums, etc.
* Conversation pieces for children and their parents
* Giving parents nice artwork to hang in their kids room that isn't a piece of plastic crap from China.  (No offense, China....)

So stay tuned, the Monsters will have more joining them and will be coming to my Etsy store SOON!  (Also note, I do commissioned pieces so if you have something specific you want, let me know!)

Thanks for helping to support a struggling, new old biddy!


  1. I love this line. So fun.

    Would you ever make any of the CaaB-M Series into t-shirts or buttons?

  2. BTW, I vote the next monster name to be Clarence. Or perhaps Chadwick.

  3. Miss Tejota! YES! I also may turn the Monsters into a book. SO MUCH TO DO! Where's my intern and financial backer???

    JennBee - HA! YES! I should do the whole alphabet. Oh man, lots to do! ;)

  4. How does Bartholemew keep his shoes tied without any arms? Tjat's a story in itself!
    This is brilliant and you should do all 26 letters and make a book and then put it on kickstarter to get ot funded for publishing.

  5. EXACTLY! That's for the kids to decide! Maybe he always asks for help or his mom has 39483094 arms, or there are arms under his hair. Who knows!

    Kickstarter. YES. YES. YES.



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