Sunday, December 19, 2010

NEW CafePress Items - UPDATED!

-- Jennifer Eolin

My holiday store at CafePress was such a success that I've been inspired to do more!  (Insert collective applause here, followed by sighs of relief and the dull roar of thousands of happy fists bapping gently together.)  

I've put up postcards and blank note cards (perfect for thank-you notes!) as well as mugs and tote bags.  The process this time was really satisfying.  

A sneaky way to make sure dining out is the only option:
Cover the dining room table with crafty stuff.
(PS - The sushi dinner was delicious.)

I've accrued A LOT more supplies since my holiday batch, as you can see above.  (I personally am keeping Michaels Art Store open on the upper west side these days.)  I did all the designs myself using stamps and hand coloring in the ink.  Then my super-cute-and-talented Manfriend helped get the quality just right using his super fancy computer thingy.  (He understands computers.  I understand blogging.  Big difference.)

What is posted in the shop today is just the start!  (And more than is posted here in the blog.)  There are still more designs in the hopper that will come out very soon.  Enjoy!

Bouquet of Red Roses note card

Bouquet of Blue Mums note card

Tree park inspired by Central Park

Bouquet of Chyrsanthemums

UPDATED: More designs!
(All designs offered on a variety of products, 
these are just samples.)
Wildflowers magnet

"Thank you" Owl note card

 Thank you note card with sunflower

"Thank You" Polar Bear note card

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park in Springtime!

Check out my CafePress store for more designs and options!!  Squeeee!

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