Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does Not Compute

As a blogger, I like to see what keywords are bringing people to my page.  (Thankfully, "complete idiot" and "weirdo" are NOT keywords used to find me.  Yet.)  And I as I read the list I thought, "Holy candy canes, what the hell did I blog about that led people here with THAT combination of words?"  Here are some examples of noggin scratchers:

* "Burlap lingerie" 
* "Craig The Freak live" 
* "Sugar Brown get tall" 

And my favorite:  

* "Smiley face fuck you"

I can only someday hope that I read the article about the Craig The Freak: LIVE show in which Sugar Brown wears burlap lingerie in the highest heels possible and sings his new song, "Smiley Face Fuck You."  Ah, to dream....

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