Monday, April 6, 2009

The "EWWW" Report

I rarely say the word "EW" out loud.  It's usually something I think in my head.  You know like, "Ew, I gotta pick up dog doodle," or "Ew, my pants do NOT fit anymore," or "Ew, why is Tori Spelling so skinny that I can see her kidneys through her dress?"  You know, basic every day stuff like that.

But today... I said "EW" out loud.  WHY?  Because I saw that someone had Googled "old biddy porn" and my INNOCENT WHOLESOME site popped up.

EW!!!!!!!!!!!  BLEH!  ICKY-POOH!  I needed a anti-bacterial wipe for my brain after seeing that.  Ga-ross.  

WHY would anybody Google that in the first place?  What kind of sad life is that person leading that Googling "old biddy porn" took up part of their Sunday afternoon?  (Maybe Queen Lizzy the Second is makign sure her sex tape wasn't leaked?)  Either way, it's just ...  EWWWWWW.


  1. I'm always SHOCKED to see the keywords people use to find my site. Stuff that I NEVER write about. But each individual word appears somewhere on my site so they find me. Agreed...."ew". At least the #1 keyphrase driving to your site doesn't have anything to do with a certain TV actress (that we both adore) being naked. Yup.

    As for the people looking for old biddy porn...$20 says it's a bunch of old biddies doing the searching. How's that for "ew"?!

  2. Sorry for the double comment but I just had an "ew" moment on this site. I had to put in one of those security words before I could leave me comment and it was one of my EWWW words: "panty". Really? EW!

  3. PANTY!?!?!?!??! EWWWW INDEED! Hopefully they meant it like, "Boy my dog is hot! She seems awfully panty!" Or, "Wow, I've never seen the Rockettes in pants before. That show was pretty panty if you ask me." :)

    Why are people such pigs?? And why would anybody want to see Cloris Leachman naked? (I have to assume that's who you are talking about...)

    I just don't understand... EW!

  4. Of course I was talking about Cloris. And I do see the point of the masses wanting to see Cloris naked. But my site is not about that. If only they had asked I could have sent them to one of many sites that have those pictures. Just check my favorites list.

  5. I like to use "Ew" to describe things that aren't physically gross in a traditional sense. Things like that new Osbournes show, roads with one lane closed, or how I feel when my alarm clock goes off.

  6. GAH!! Who does that? I mean, SERIOUSLY???

  7. Dame Helen Mirren = Worthwhile Old Biddy Porn.

    'nuff said.



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