Friday, June 8, 2012

The High Line, NYC

One of the best things about June in NYC is that it isn't completely balls ass hot yet.  (Classy right out of the gate, kids!) Last night, I played tourist in my own town and walked the High Line, which is an elevated park along the lower west side of Manhattan. I took a lot of pictures (because I'm on Instagram and I'm somewhat addicted, shut up) and wanted to share! Enjoy!

High Line Architecture

Looking down on traffic under the High Line

Projection on side of building, High Line

Twilight on the High Line

House peeping on the High Line

Perfect sign for the end of the day (42nd Street Subway Station)


  1. It's been a trillion years since I saw the city at twilight first hand. Oh how I miss it. Thanks for rubbing it in! I mean, thanks for the photos.

  2. I like rubbing it in! I mean.... you're welcome.

  3. I loved the High Line! Took my camera one day but of course lost the photos when I lost my camera later that year. Miss that skyline so much.



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