Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UPDATED: Holiday Cards!

I love making many things.  Like making jokes, making cereal, and making noise.  (Not necessarily in that order, however.)  But my favorite thing to make is art, in whatever form it happens to appear in my life.  Mostly, it's been in the form of paintings, but today, it's HOLIDAY CARDS!

Take THAT, Hallmark!
I've been collecting "holiday" stamps along the way this season and have made these holiday card prototypes.  That's right, these babies are for sale!  And in plenty of time for the holidays.  ALL are handmade by me, so each will be unique.  Also all will be dated with the year and signed by me on the back.  

PLEASE NOTE: As these are prototypes, (meaning I made them on my floor just now), they are not perfect.  All purchased cards will not have smudges.  Scout's honor.  (PS - I was kicked out of Girl Scouts.  Just saying...)

UPDATE 11/15/10 - NEW CARD - Seasons Greetings Penguins!

I like penguins.  And so do my readers!
Lots of requests for a penguin card.
The inside is "Seasons Greetings" in red ink.

And here's what a bundled pack of 10 cards looks like - all ready to ship!

I FINALLY have an excuse to buy ribbon.  FINALLY.
And here are the 5 originally posted cards in detail:

NEW YORK CITY - Holiday Card:

EXACTLY what NYC is like during the holidays.
Except the cabs aren't so orderly.
Inside NYC card

EVERGREENS - Holiday card:

I love Evergreens!  Even when it's summer these
trees still say "holidays" to me.

Inside Evergreens holiday card

CHRISTMAS TREE - Christmas card:

Only one present.  It is a recession, you know...

Inside Christmas Tree card

PEACEFUL WOODS - Holiday Card:

The Peace Dove is flying south for the winter.
Inside Peaceful Woods card

REINDEER - Christmas / Holiday Card:

When I was a kid, I got reindeer and moose mixed up.
I'm happy to report that I'm better now.
Inside Reindeer card
Cards are 10 for $20 (plus shipping).  YOU CAN ORDER ANY COMBINATION OF THESE CARDS THAT YOU WANT!  All of just one card?  Sure!  3 of 1, 3 of another and 4 of another?  Yeppers.  

If you buy 10 for $20, your second batch is 10 for $15 
and your third and subsequent orders are 10 for $10!

ALL orders can be placed through this order form (WHICH IS NOW CLOSED).  
(All email address will remain private - no spam here!)

Payments will be made through PayPal.  I will start production on your order only after I receive the money via PayPal.  

I will also entertain special orders - if you'd like to swap "insides" of cards out for another one you see, totes fine.  Just let me know.

THANK YOU in advance for ordering!  If you don't order any, then whatevers.  We're still cool, but you WILL get a holiday lump of coal in your email stocking from a grumpy biddy...


  1. I love these and want to buy some! Except I have zero income, no job prospects, and a measly $321 left in my bank account. :(

  2. Can I pay you $20 for a new Robots episode???

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I'll need a few more people to chip in to make that possible. ;)

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