Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

"Mail your packages early so the Post Office can lose them by Christmas."
-- Johnny Carson

For those of you who have been reading my blog for years, you know a few things about me:

*  I like tea, hoodies, dogs and Project Runway (the Bravo years)
*  I used to be a reality show writer/producer but then had what can best be described as a "complete mental breakdown brought on by a fit of good taste" and left the industry all together.
*  I really like to paint and create things that delight me and make me say, "Squeeee!"
*  I tend to overuse the word, "Squeeee!"

In the past few years I've tackled painting as aggressively as one can who still needs a day job to pay rent.  (STUPID RENT!)  My latest venture is creating art through the medium of stamping.  (Not postage stamps.  Stampy stamps.)  I admit, I really like it!

If you've been living under a rock, you missed that I am making HANDMADE stamped holiday cards!  You can see the blog here with the descriptions and an order form located at the bottom of the entry.  My LATEST venture was to turn my favorite holiday stamp prints into items available on my CafePress Store!

Perfect for coal!

There are mugs, ornaments, coasters, magnets, stockings (as in Christmas, not as in No Nonsense), baby bibs, baby hoodies, baby hats, aprons and postcards.  Lots of different prints too!

The yellow ones don't stop.
Not even for tea.


A winter wonderland ornament!

A much better option than a fully bunny outfit,
ala Christmas Story.
Baby hat!  One size fits all!
(I bet it would even fit my tiny melon...)

This is just a small sampling - lots of products with different designs!  Please enjoy my Cafe Press Store this Cyber Monday and help keep this artistic biddy artistic.  If I have to go back to reality television, I will blame you.  (I'm not petty....)



  1. The mugs are SO cool. But I don't think I'm ready to see how a mug would travel overseas LOL. I'll wait until I'm in the same country <3

  2. kids' hoodies are good. but a baby hoodie would be AWE-INSPIRING.

  3. They don't have any baby hoodies! (I just checked - boooo!) They have onesies only for babies.

  4. probably a choking hazard. parents and their hoodie-squelching safety concerns!



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