Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The New Old Biddy Hearts Chris March!

I would like to thank bookstores across NYC for helping (enabling) me to meet (stalk) my favorite Project Runway peeps!  HOORAY!  Last night I put on my best windbreaker hoodie to go to Borders to meet Chris March from Season 4 of Project Runway.

"You can hear my laugh even when I am just a picture."

I got to Borders early in my biddy fashion (because you never know when a train may be late!) and saw the man of the hour briefly chatting with Borders' employees at the front of the store before being ushered away from the hoi polloi.  I saw that there was a table set up at the front of the store which was unlike the other events I've attended.  "Oh sadness," I thought, "Is there no discussion and laughter?"  I walked up to the "greeter/security guard" who was planted at the front of the store.  His wan expression let me know he did not want to talk as he was very busy guarding a pile of Kitty Kelly's newest book of complete make-'em-ups, Oprah.  (PS- the book is already 30% off.  HAHAHAA!  Take that, Kitty Kelly!  Perhaps if you wrote for Scientology your fables would actually sell.  Too soon?)  Without making eye contact the greeter/security guard let me know that Chris would be signing books at the front of the store only.  Aw, crud.  Oh well, better than nothing, right?

After buying my book I met up with fellow Project Runway fan (stalker), Lauren, who I met at Laura Bennett's book signing a few weeks back.  Lauren was also wearing a hoodie.  (Ergo, we will obviously be friends forever.)  We hung out waiting for 7pm to roll around and we got in line.  Okay, we WERE the line at that point.  Just us.  Two ladies in hoodies desperately grasping our cameras.  (PS - My look was complemented with a summer scarf in lime green and a dippy smile that even a 4-year-old would deem as "uncool.")

3 more people got in line behind us and Chris March was escorted to his table.  Chris' disappointment was palpable.  I can't blame him.  I'd be sad too if I came out and saw me.  At that point I wanted to run over an hug him and say: "Quality over quantity, Chris!" (But I didn't, no restraining orders today!)

Lauren got her picture taken first...

...and then me.  (Thank GOODNESS my head looks normal in this.  To better understand this reference, see my Tim Gunn post. from a month ago.. oy.)

We chatted with Chris and he is truly as delightful in person as he was on TV.  We talked about reality television and its "merits."  I told him that I understood the ruse of reality as I worked for the "reality" show elimiDATE for 4 (horribly awful hideously long) years.  He burst out, "ELIMIDATE?!" he gave me his condolences for having worked on that show.  (Note: I'm still in therapy.)  I also let him know how much I love his design aesthetic and that I love that he self-published his book.  SELF- PUBLISHED, PEOPLE.  This is not an easy feat.  Nay.  This means you do and finance everything yourself.  Not a small task!  He mentioned that he's blogging now, to which I said, "I know!  Keep it up!"

At that point, another Chris March fan arrived, Laura Bennett!

Looking completely hip and casual in jeans and a Chanel jacket, Laura came by to support her fellow PR alum/author.  (Sidenote: A Borders employee brought up some of Laura's books to the front table as the folks in line didn't know she had a signing just over a week ago.  Somebody give that employee a raise!)  She told Chris that her kids are big fans, to which Chris exclaimed, "Are they gay?"  Laura shrugged, "One maybe."  

More people started to show up for Chris (GOOD!) so Laura, Lauren and I huddled up and discussed the merits of Glee and why Finn can't sing.  This conversation took at least 20 minutes as we all had a lot to say about this matter.  A LOT.  

Then Laura got to see a bit of my biddiness first hand much to my chagrin.  I handed her a pen, but it was empty.  "Empty" as in the ink thingy fell out and all that was left was a sad pink plastic shell.  So I handed her another one.  Also empty.  Yep.  You know you're a new old biddy when you carry empty pen corpses around with you in your purse next to your green tea mints.  (And I'll have you know, the pen carcasses are still in my purse lest I find their insides floating around somewhere.  Waste not want not!)  Sigh.....

All in all, a great evening.  I hope Chris had a good time despite a small turnout.  And btw, I love Chris' book and so should you!  It's a coffee table book with pictures from his costumes/designs over the years including Project Runway.  (Meryl Streep's dresses are not in the book as I believe it went to print before those were debuted...)  You can find I Heart Chris March here on his website.  And DO check out his blog as well.  Do it and support self-published authors!

PS - On my way home I had a random star sighting, the dad from Ugly Betty, Tony Plana.  But to me, he'll always be Jefe from The Three Amigos.  The jackass in me wanted to ask him if he knew what a plethora was yet, but again thought it best to avoid a restraining order and stay 0 for 2 for the evening....


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  1. Finn can't sing...or dance. He doesn't look too smooth on the football field or the basketball court either. Despite all this I Heart Glee!

  2. From Nancye:

    I'm so glad you had quality time with Chris and Laura. I'm truly surprised he didn't have a larger turnout. He's so witty and fun!

  3. I am so jealous you get to meet this fabulous PRer's! I am disappointed you didn't have some clothing item with hair on it for Chris... maybe next time?!

  4. erin still pissed the judges chose milaApril 20, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    these, I meant these in that last comment- ops

  5. that's awesome. I am always slightly sad to see people signing books and others just walk by. Thus i have a collection of books by random folk, on random topics but were written by really nice people. ha! chris is just fantastic, he's smart, funny, and well aware of the fact that not everyone can wear his designs but they sure want to. He's great at the costume stuff as well as the fancy black-tie event stuff. He's just wonderful.

    thanks for sharing! (posted on blog how you like me now!)

  6. I love Laura's response about the possibility of her kids being gay. She sounds awesome! :)

  7. I'm so jealous! Chris seems as sweet as he appeared on tv and I love Laura's comment about one of her kids - the world would be a better place if everyone felt that way. Yay for hoodies!

  8. Your scarf is the perfect accent to that hoodie. Okay, now I'm wondering what brand of jeans that Laura Bennett wears because I just never imagined her in denim!

  9. Joanne - AMEN. The whole "Finn" casting thing is a mystery. Did nobody else show up for the part?

    Nancye - I have a feeling if more people had known about it, more would have been there! It was almost a secret!

    Erin - I'm sure I had some stray hairs on my hoodie. I shed when I'm nervous. ;)

    Bealsma - You are so good to authors - yay you! And also, YAY for commenting on the blog. Look at you all growned up. ;)

    Green Wave Gal - YES!!!!!!

    Rachel - Chris and Laura are in person as they were seen on TV. Lovely!

    The Scarlett - I bet she'd tell you if you! Ask her!

  10. Now I'm upset I didn't go to the signing! I love Chris--he definitely deserves to have people lining up around the block for his book signing. Why can't these things happen during the daytime when I have all the free time in the world?

    Thank you for acknowledging Finn's lack of musical talent. I thought I was going crazy!

  11. That's the problem when you self-publish - you have no advertising arm at your side to help you promote book signings and no publicist pushing to get you on all the talk shows, etc.

    But YOU were there, and that's all Chris needed (you and Lauren).

    And you and Laura B are friends now!!! How amazing is that!?!

    You rock on, BiddyGal. But do throw those old pens away, mmkay?

  12. Meredith - Awww! Yeah, scheduling is not easy sometimes. I'm lucky that I was nearby! And yes, Finn stinks. Breathy and uncoordinated. No idea how that guy got cast!

    Mintzworks - Pens are still in purse. :)

  13. this blog is one of my favorites.



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