Sunday, January 30, 2011

Even Newborns Need Art... No Really, They Do

Many people believe that bright colors are best for newborns... however, that is not so!  But this isn't common knowledge which is why after I sent my mother an email with my latest paintings for a friend's baby shower, she sent back: "Aren't they a little dark?"

Okay, so these would probably also look good on Tim Burton's wall.

Fact: Babies actually can only see shades of black and white, not bright colors.  And it's been proven that black and white (high contrast) art is the best for a newborn's development.  I watched this first hand as my newborn nephew, Nate, marveled at the book, Art for Baby, (a compilation of high contrast art from contemporary artists).  Nate had his favorite pictures and his least favorite.  His favorite was a picture of dots in many different shades of black and gray.  He would coo, work his hands and focus for long periods of time on this picture.  The pictures that bored him (and there were a few) would cause his eyes to wander and he would make his bored sound (aka "cry").  I'd like to note that MY least favorite, along with Nate's, was that of a overly simply drawn carrot that was titled, "Untitled."  No, for real.  "Untitled."  AHEM: It's clearly a carrot!  How is that sort of vaguery good for a baby?!  It teaches indecision while teaching focus!  What a dichotomy!  Sheesh!

ANYHOO... back to the subject of this blog: ME.  These new creations of mine are part of a series I've created called "Cute As a Button."  The buttons on these paintings add dimension and pattern contrast.  Plus they make them cute as a button for little ones.


Rain Drops

And for babies/toddlers who have mastered focus, I have this line in technicolor:

Cute As A Button!

Let me know if you like these paintings as I'm starting to put together my Etsy store and I'm getting a handle on what people want/demand.  And let's face it, babies are DEMANDING.  And they need art that isn't a dopey yellow bear whose surname is that of a turd.  I'm just asking, does that not bother ANYBODY ELSE OUT THERE?  Sigh...


  1. Well, these paintings are just that - cute as a button. Love the B&W ones.

  2. I'm posting this anonymously so I can't be identified by Eolin, but I bought several of the 'cute as a button' series of paintings, only to have my newborn love them so much that it ate 17 of the buttons totally RUINING the art I'd spent so much on.

    I'm suing for pain and suffering (mine) and my lawyer is initiating a trade, Matilda for the newborn, straight-up.




    PS--I'll buy a snowman and a penguin when they're done.

  3. Dear TOTALLY Anonymous,

    My lawyer will counter sue you for allowing your baby to consume my art. HAVE YOU NO RESPECT?

    Matilda has been moved to a safehouse until further notice.


    PS - I'll just need a credit card #...



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