Monday, September 20, 2010

There Goes My Free Time... - Depression struck as she realized the new season of TV was starting soon and all her free time would go away.


  1. it's so true, though!! and I'm worried my DVR is going to overflow if I don't manage to keep up!

  2. Supplement with Hulu! It helps save space. (Spoken like a true TV addict...)

  3. I rely solely on Hulu. I've been trying to cut down these past 2 seasons. Right now I only subscribe to 7 shows (mostly half hour comedies). Still sounds like too much when you say it out loud though. What do you watch Jennifer?

  4. If you want TV to suck more, just flip over to Fox.

  5. I was setting all of my season passes last night and am suffering from a slight case of carpal tunnel this morning. Totally worth it though.

  6. Joanna - I watch TOO MUCH.

    * House
    * Bones
    * Castle
    * Big Bang Theory
    * 30 Rock
    * The Office
    * Family Guy
    * Glee (although its on a short leash this year if story doesn't get better)
    * Modern Family
    * SNL

    And this summer I watched EVERYTHING on USA, Project Runway, Work of Art, Last Comic Standing and a bunch of other crap. OH HULU! Sigh...

    Sean - HA. ;)

  7. I watch...

    - Oprah
    - Ellen
    - All My Children
    - Dancing With the Stars
    - The Good Wife
    - Cougar Town
    - Modern Family
    - Desperate Housewives
    - True Blood
    - Weeds
    - SNL
    - The Soup
    - 30 Rock
    - The Office
    - Survivor
    - United States of Tara
    - Burn Notice
    - SNL
    - Daily Show
    - Real Time with Bill Maher

    And that is just the start....OMG.

  8. Oh yeah. There's really more... I just can't bear to admit it.

  9. Glad I'm not the only one! It took me about an hour to strategize about what I needed on DVR and what I was willing to watch live.....I'm afraid to say that "Bones" didn't make the cut :(

    P.S. Can I steal the picture to use on FB?

  10. P.S. Here's my (maybe sad?) list.....
    How I met your Mother
    The Office
    30 Rock
    Modern Family
    Big Bang Theory
    The Mentalist
    The Apprentice
    Amazing Race
    Desperate Housewives

  11. Of course you can steal it - I made it! Rock it out. :)

  12. Nice list. A lot of the shows I stopped watching last year are on there. If I wasn't so sleep deprived from being a senior in college I probably would still watch them. I'm also on the fence about Glee but they have John Stamos this season so I have to watch while he's on. Modern Family and Parks & Recreation were the best last year!

  13. Let me add....

    Law & Order: SVU
    Law & Order: CI
    Law & Order: LA
    Amazing Race
    The Closer
    Covert Affairs
    Royal Pains
    Drop Dead Diva



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