Friday, August 20, 2010

Robots - Episode 4 is up!

YAY!  Finally, a new Robots episode.  Enjoy episode #4: "Bellybutton."  Or don't.  I don't care.  It's your life.  (Actually, I do care.  Don't listen to me.  Or do.  It's your life.)


  1. bullshit douche nozzle. Golden.

  2. Oh, YAY!!! So weird- day before yesterday, the word "robot" came up in conversation, and my mum took advantage of the opportunity to then say, "Ro-bit." I laughed and we both agreed we missed the Robots. And, LOOK!
    This was a really good one!!! Loved the Jon Gosselin joke. Stupid Ed Hardy tees...
    Thanks for the laughs!!! Keep 'em coming. I LOVE these Ro-bits!!!

  3. WHAT a wonderful way to end a week! Love it! I kept wondering if it were gonna be an innie or outie, thanks for not keeping us in suspense :-)

    you lady ROCK!!!!

  4. Jennifer Eolin, Please Pretty Please marry me and make me the laughingest man alive.

    You had me at 'quotation-mark hands'

  5. Oh my goodness you all make this biddy happy. :)
    Thank you for supporting my jackassery!



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